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thanks for your work

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For anyone interested in tracks (locations). I tested the current tools and scripts and have a bad news.


SGB files, which have an information about placing the objects, seems to be not reading properly. Based on information from MAXScript Listener in my 3ds Max, I see that some data is read properly, some data - not, for example, mesh names and paths could not be read at all. I also tried to use sgbconverter tool, but it's not working at all. I tried to rebuild it from sources and then debug, and saw that tool is confused in data when reading. I found a one available solution: write a parser by myself, an analogue of sgbconverter, then convert all SGB to SGX and then try to import these files in 3ds Max.

I also tried 3DSimED but it can't read .meb files from Project CARS 3 at all because of extended header in .meb files (default header size is 8 bytes, in pC3 the size is 12 bytes).


Most of MEB files are also could not be imported to 3ds Max because the script throws an error. I can't realize why - the importer fails on importing stage from temporary .obj file which could not be read for unknown reasons.


But "livegrass" and some shared meshes like barriers are imported perfectly without any problems.

I think that's the reason may be in MEB files - maybe some data has another format or encrypted, maybe script doesn't recognise some parts of the structure, I don't know.


Materials are imported successfully, textures (after converting to .dds) too. At this stage there's no problem.


I will try to test all of these in Project CARS 2 (also using PS4 version because it not encrypted) - maybe it will be more lucky idea.

UPD.: Everything is same. Tracks from pC2 are also not supported now.


When importing using 3ds Max script "SMS Importer 3.1c" (which I use to import vehicles) I see an interesting error thrown by script.
Function "getSTR", I think it used to read the string from given offset. The error is that the script can't read UInt64 from undefined.

This may be if the data offset is wrong. Hmm...


Stay tuned 🙂

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UPD.: Seems to be all converters and importers are written strictly to work with NFS Shift 1/2 only. I have a thought that NFS Shift uses 32-bit SGB format, but Project CARS uses 64-bit SGB format, and this is might be a problem. I have decompiled code with MWL::GraphicsEngine::SGBinaryReader class taken directly from game, but I need to read it carefully and study it.

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