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Donated but no donor/prem status given

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Hi all,

Just donated $10 to access some prem models, it went through ok, donation is on paypal dashboard and my statement, but I wasn't given a donor status on the site.

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Unfortunately, you are far from the first person to address this problem.
In theory, the site should automatically check for new payments and update the user's group, the delay should not be more than a few minutes. But, apparently, something went wrong. Perhaps one of the site's plugins is outdated, or the API has been updated, or something else - I can't say anything without seeing the situation "from the inside".
Unfortunately, I do not have access to financial transactions and changing user groups, so all I can do is advise you to contact the DMN - he is in charge here, and he deals with such problems on his own.

On behalf of the entire administration, we apologize to you for the current situation.

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Not to worry, I DM'd him and hopefully this will get sorted out.

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