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REQUEST Various Configurators Models Requests

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On 1/22/2022 at 7:13 PM, S3r1u5 said:

Changan UNI-T


Changan UNI-T-S


Changan UNI-K


some parts need to be mirrored - some animated parts like trunk and doors may need to be moved


before anyone is asking for the UNI-V from this site - it is using a encrypted file .btx - and i'm not able to get it

On 1/23/2022 at 5:29 PM, cacrspottergirona said:

Can someone extract me this Swift please in .fbx or .obj?


already posted it a site before


On 1/25/2022 at 9:07 PM, Jaxk23 said:

in fbx and obj with textures Please https://ar.bmw.ru/8-series-cabrio/

2020 BMW 8 Cabrio




On 1/30/2022 at 2:17 AM, evan mark yang hebat dari said:


2022 Nissan Murano


2022 Nissan Sylphy E-Power



i'm still looking for a way to convert json files - could need some help here

the jetta is pictures only

and i dont see anything 3d on faw.com?


21 hours ago, mridul6099 said:

hello everyone,

can anyone please convert these-



Thankyou in Advance 😄


they are impossible because of streaming - which becomes more and more popular


13 hours ago, hulix01 said:


2018 Toyota RAV-4 VXR



9 hours ago, Maverick said:

Hello everyone, can someone teach me how to extract the models from this site, please.




the tool apex has written, is not published yet, because it may cause some bugs such as wrong scaling here and there, but i can help you out here, since apex seems to be offline for quite a while now


2019 Jeep Wrangler Sahara



9 hours ago, trainspot said:


as mentioned before - there can be scaling issues - the mesh is complete (since there is only one source meshfile) but some parts are way bigger than others

2018 Toyota Landcruiser Pickup HT





what an awesome collection they have over there, i would love to have that renault espace 2000 tse, because my family had exactly that vehicle, in the same brown color


but since they are from sketchfab - do not post them here

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@Guki Thanks bud! I'm just wondering, is the interior from the configurator not in 3d? Are those just images?

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8 hours ago, trainspot said:

@Guki Thanks bud! I'm just wondering, is the interior from the configurator not in 3d? Are those just images?

those are images stitched together - like many configurators out there, they are using a cubemap - or sometimes a panoramic image

modelling a full blown ( and interactive ) interior, takes time - which costs money - nowadays it is (easier) and faster to simply throw in a 360 panorama camera inside an actual vehicle to get the interior, this will be enough for an ordinary customer, who is interested in the look of a car




some hints how to spot if it is prerendered images or 3d


- if you can zoom for a limited range, you may notice that there is this grainy effect, especially on darker shadowy areas, thats because of the limited data information and iso on the camera which it was shot on, and the saved files - you can't store much data inside a 512x512 image

- while using firefox - press f+12 and go to the network tab - then start the configurator or refresh the page - switch to interior view - you'll see it will load multiple images, typically called px py pz nx ny nz - positive and negative axis - or numbered - you can also open these loaded resources




- if there is an actual 3d interior view - check out details - look at corners - the easiest to spot are stitches on the seat - look how stretched the stitches are here, also how edge the headrest and seatbelt part is - you can also make out the ambient occlusion texture on the seatbelt - the shadow looks wrong and also pixelated





for exterior like the jetta faw vw site

- if the look around feels kinda laggy and makes huge jumps around the vehicle, it is mostly pre shot (virtual or on an real vehicle, doesn't mather), also, if you are not able to view the top of the vehicle it is not 3d

- again f+12 on firefox is your friend here - the jetta is loading multiple webp files and even the resource link is called panorama


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В 27.12.2021 в 19:49, Leemengzhe сказал:

Hello everyone. Can somebody extract this?



2020 Renault Espace - https://mega.nz/file/vssRVCDJ#ILHVoNsQJ2Iwtqwv3gGQEx7Zh5a8GRzoYqFejFVQyq0

В 24.07.2021 в 03:59, davidson сказал:


KIA updated new Sportage ,Can help to extract?

And last time KIA K8 can be extracted again ?

2022 Kia K8 - https://mega.nz/file/asknlQ4C#sqOqc3ZvP8mieTYZdBEiIEsm3DysOueOR7uQcE_YEM8 
Also, a little information. The previous version of that Kia that was posted there a long ago had some issues with body mesh, but there is an updated version without those issues 🙂

Edited by Human122
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