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Luxion Keyshot

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KeyShot is a stand-alone, real-time ray tracing and global illumination program used to create 3D renderings, animations and interactive visuals. With its CPU-based architecture, photorealistic real-time rendering can be achieved on both Mac and PC, even on laptops, without the need for high-end graphics cards.





Keyshot Pro 9.0.289 x64 [2020] download links + crack (instructions inside)


Keyshot Pro 8.1.59 x64 [2018] - download links


Keyshot Pro 7.3.37 [2018] - download links



KeyShot 9 for 3ds Max plugin - DOWNLOAD LINK MEGA.NZ

Plugins for old versions (6-7-8) - DOWNLOAD LINK MEGA.NZ




  • 3ds Max 2013-2020
  • KeyShot 9
  • Windows 64-bit



Run installation file. Follow the prompts and click Finish. Launch 3ds Max.


How To Use

  • Open your scene or model in 3ds Max.
  • Click Render under the KeyShot plugin tab. The plugin will launch KeyShot and transfer the 3D model from 3ds Max to KeyShot.
  • To update any changes made in 3ds Max, click the Update command while KeyShot is open. All KeyShot materials, textures, labels, animations, transformations, cameras, and lighting in the scene will be preserved.
  • To export your 3DS Max scene as a .bip file, click Export. You can open this .bip file inside KeyShot.



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