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Download AssetStudio / Скачать программу "AssetStudio"



  • AssetStudio is a tool for exploring, extracting and exporting Unity assets and asset bundles.





  • Supports Unity from 2.5 to 2020.2 version
  • Export meshes to FBX (via "Animator" or "Export all objects") and OBJ (via "Mesh")
  • Export textures to PNG, BMP, JPEG (including sprites)
  • Export audio clips to WAV (PCM), MP3, OGG, M4A, FSB
  • Export Font, Shader, TextAsset, MovieTexture, VideoClip, MonoBehaviour, AnimationClip, Animator (export to FBX file with bound AnimationClip)
  • Unpacking Unity3D archives
  • Loading multiple files in directory
  • Support PC, Android and iOS games created with Unity game engine
  • Open-source project, GitHub page
  • Freeware, no need to pay, buy the license, etc.





  • All Copyrights on the content presented in this archive owned directly by Perfare!
  • Files in the archive are for informational purposes only!
  • It is forbidden to use this file for commercial purposes!
  • When using models, please quote reference to GameModels.ru - so you will help the development of the project. Thank you!


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@DARKSIDEOPG, Thanks a lot , pal :) but I would like to ask if it's normal that my PC becomes too slow while using this particular version of AS? I was ripping from CarX2 but loading the assets took hell lots of time. Though this version supports latest Unity formats but still previous version had better performance in terms of Ram Usage.

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@taruncreation, yes, it's normal, 'cause while you batch import a lot of assets, it's a really hard work for this tool. Look here: read the structure, deserialize, recognize each type of founded asset, display the list... for each file you loaded. If you load 100 files, if will be fast and slow-usage RAM, but if you load, for example... hmm... 2000 files? Did you understand what I want to say?

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@DARKSIDEOPGIs this program suitable for extracting models from an "ATOM RPG"? It has the "Unity 5" game engine. There are also scripts for 3DS max - "Unity Importer 1.0 beta" & "Unity Assets Importer v0.8.9" - but they only work with Unity versions from v1 to v4.3. Therefore, they do not work with this game. That's why I'm asking.




@DARKSIDEOPGЭта программа подойдет для извлечения моделей из "ATOM RPG"? У неё движок "Unity 5". Есть еще скрипты для 3DS max - "Unity Importer 1.0 beta" и "Unity Assets Importer v0.8.9" но они работают только с версиями Unity от 1 до 4.3. Поэтому с этом игрой они не работают. Поэтому я и спрашиваю.

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@M.A.D, да, пойдет, она работает вроде начиная с версии юнити 2.5 и выше, вплоть до самой актуальной)

P.S.: если что, на английском я пишу для аудитории) "своих" вижу сразу, по качеству перевода XD

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