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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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REQUEST Gran Turismo 6 Models Requests

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Cars awaiting approval - ALL PREMIUM 


Lotus Europa S.2 15th Anniversary Edition '68
Lotus Europa Special '72
Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo
Nissan SKYLINE Sedan 350GT Type SP '06
Nissan SKYLINE Coupe 370GT Type SP '07
GT by Citroën Road Car '08
GT by Citroën Race Car '08
Autobacs ARTA Garaiya '08
Honda FIT RS '10
Lexus Weds Sport IS350 (SUPER GT) '08
Mine's BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R N1 base '06
Amuse NISMO 380RS Super Leggera
Subaru IMPREZA Sedan WRX STI spec C Type RA '05
Grand Touring Garage Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer '70
RE Amemiya RX7 GT300 Base Model '06
Nissan SKYLINE GT-R N1 (R33) '95
Nissan SKYLINE GT-R R34 Touring Car
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if you dont mind ripping these whenever you have time
Lotus Motor Sport Elise '99
MG TF160 '03
Mazda RX500 '70
Mine's BNR34 SKYLINE GT-R V*spec N1 base '00


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Toyota MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V '89
Nissan R89C '89
Nissan R92CP '92

please, i love these!  :lol:

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