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Found 7 results

  1. DGiorio recently released a new script pack for noesis which makes it capable of extracting models from NFS HP 2010, NFS MW 2012 and Burnout Paradise Remastered. In this topic i'll show how to use it on Hot Pursuit 2010. Its pretty simple, the first step is to own the game (duh) and install the lastest version of noesis from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1NgOi5F1w1-UGpYMVgyVmFUdEk You also need this list i made which says what files belong to the car you want + their GraphicSpecID (which will be useful once we know how to make car mods): https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cjq2bxoezjupdl/nfs2010carlist.txt?dl=0 Open Noesis, click on "Tools > NFS HP 2010 Unpacker" and click on "Browse". go to your NFSHP2010 root directory which should be in the Origin Games folder. In this example, i want to open the Lamborghini Murciélago which is the file "VEH_97331_MS" IMPORTANT: for models, always open the file that has "MS" on the end of the name. Double click the file and click on "OK", another pop-up will be shown and now you will click on "Browse" to select a folder to extract the contents of your model (in my case, a folder called "test") and click on "OK" After the extraction is done, go to your extraction folder (in noesis) and click on the folder "06_01_00_00" Now on the Noesis window you will see a file with a similar name to this one inside that folder, double click on it And here is your extracted model! now lets export it to a file format that blender and 3dsmax can read. Now right-click the file that we double-clicked before and select "Export" I recommend using .DAE while export as when i tried to use .obj the normals get broken some times. IMPORTANT: most of the times you will need to Flip UV's to get correct ones. After exporting, we can finally open it on 3dsmax or any software that you can open models. If you want the textures, they should be inside the same folder where you exported the model. if not, go the "01_00_00_00" folder in noesis and export them. We can also export the map of the game but not all of it at the same time, so if you want the whole map, you will need to export all the "TRK_UNIT" files from the "SEACREST" folder one at time. The process is the same as for the vehicles, but instead of the "06_01_00_00" folder we open the file from the "50_00_00_00" to open the whole slice of the map, if you want the props from that slice, open the files from the "51_00_00_00" folder. IMPORTANT: you may need to remove the NFS MW 2012/Burnout Paradise scripts from the python folder in order to open the track files correctly (that's an issue on the current version of the scripts which should be fixed in the next version) And that is it! have fun exploring the files from this pretty good game. Now its a question of time until someone figure out how to make custom car mods (which would be insane). Credits to DGIorio for doing those amazing scripts
  2. Recently i discovered that you can rip any Vehicle or Wheel from Burnout Paradise AND even the MAP of it, and its pretty easy but if you want the map you will need a lot of pacient and time, here is how to rip vehicles: First of all i need to credit DGlorio for his Scripts and his knownledge on Burnout Paradise without him this wouldn't be possible. Requirements: Noesis: http://www.richwhitehouse.com/filemirror/noesisv417.zip DGlorio Scripts and Common Textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1NgOi5F1w1-VU9FVXVnWFhSaG8/view?usp=sharing This Sheet to know what files the cars are (also made by DGlorio): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y6XErNtX4BM6nmqyTe1jLPi3FVCIMIgq Now, the first thing to do is install the scripts (drag the .py's to the "plugins/pyhton" folder in noesis directory) and put the folders "BP_Generic_models and BP_Generic_Textures" inside noesis directory too. Then open Noesis and go to Tool>Burnout Unpacker and click on "Browse" and choose the file of the car (inside VEHICLES folder) you want based on the sheet, i choosed the techno so it is XASBCB1, there will be 3 with the same name so choose the one who have the most size Now click OK and select a folder to extract the contents of the car (i recomend to create a folder inside noesis directory), after that it should appear inside noesis now go to the folder 06_00_01_00 and open the only file there is in the folder and here is the car! but now we need to export and to do that we need to do a little trick. On Noesis, Keep Pressing F2 until that counter in the viewport go to it max value (in this case 31) and then go to file > export from preview and export to any format you want but i advice to export to fbx as it has textures. and here is the model on 3dsmax, you just need to fix some textures that you can find in the folders from the export in noesis and in the common textures folder from dglorio and its ready to use! (the left one is how i imported the fbx and the right one is a nfs carbon conversion i'm doing) And to get the map is the same but you need to unpack the trackbundles in the burnout paradise folder (which are separated in 370+ files, so it take a lot of time to get everything) and do the same as for the car. And for Wheels is the same as cars just unpack the stuff inside the wheels folder. This is my first post here so if i made something wrong or you didn't get something and need help comment below and maybe mt or others can help, also english isn't my main language. Enjoy ripping the shit out of this amazing game
  3. Hi everybody! I'm here 'cause I want to try to open/rip PS2, Xbox or Xbox 360 .bgv files from Burnout 3 Takedown and, Burnout Revenge (and, if possible, Burnout Dominator). I search EVERYTHING about it in Internet, but nothing helps me. I tried to ask into other 2 forums and nobody wants to help me. Please, help me, idk where I can hit my head!
  4. Народ приветствую! Кто-нибудь самостоятельно извлекал архив GT.VOL из GT6? Как сделали объясните, пожалуйста. Ломаю голову, не получается. Скачал с торрента всю игру с обновлениями. Через PKGView распаковал архив. В нем есть большой на 14gb файл: GT.VOL. Пытаюсь с помощью GTtool распаковать вводя команды: D:\gt6vol\gttool.exe "D:\gt6vol\gt.vol" GT6 "D:\gt6vol\" И ничего не происходит. У меня win10 64bit если это важно.
  5. Hi all! Today I share the extracted models and file format structure used in newly released game called "RDS The Official Drift Videogame". First of all, I want to say "thank you" to my friend Lyoncha, which creates the mesh exporter and provides me an information about structure. English version (translated from Russian by me) of file format structure are listed below: Russian version of file format structure are listed below: This game also contains a few *.sbm files, this is a renamed MilkShape3D's *.ms3d files. Using this information, my friend creates a simple converter from *.fum to *.obj format. I convert all models provided in this game (except tracks, only car and wheels), also converted the textures. Archive with this stuff you can download here: https://drop.me/BxdNzk I also upload all of these cars and wheels on this site separately later, when I'll have a free time. About textures: *.sbt files is just a 32bpp TGA files (XnView tells that is Truevision TARGA version 2), without RLE. The game uses OpenGL, so the mesh rippers like Ninja Ripper doesn't work at all. It also have a GLSL uncompiled shaders MESH EXPORTER RELEASE AND SOURCE CODE: https://github.com/fixik-michael/rds-game-fum2obj
  6. Can anyone RIP Models from Asphalt 9 Android?
  7. ArthurLopes

    Cobretti Iridium

    From the album: Split/Second Ripping

    Ripped with 3D Ripper DX (uv maps are shit with ninja ripper for some reason)

    © Disney Interactive Studios / BlackRock Studios

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