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Found 1 result

  1. Guidelines for adding files to the site Selecting a file to upload to the site If your file is larger than 15 MB, you must upload it to a cloud service where you will have full access to this file (for example, MEGA or Google Drive). Uploading files larger than 15 MB to the site's internal server is prohibited (except for cases individually agreed with the administration). It's strictly forbidden to use the one-time file storage services, or services where the file can be deleted after a certain period of time, or where registration is required. In case of uploading a file to the site's internal server, only RAR, 7-Zip and ZIP archives are allowed. The main recommended format for archives is 7-Zip. Selecting screenshots for uploading to the site It's strongly recommended to upload screenshots to the site's internal server in order to avoid the problem of hotlink blocking by image hosts. It's recommended to save screenshots in JPEG format with a quality of 85-90% and a resolution of no more than 1920x1080. Using the PNG format is acceptable if the screenshot file size doesn't exceed 200 KB and there is a need for this format (for example, you're uploading a render or a preview with a transparent background). Filling in information about the file you are uploading. File name The name is specified in the format "CAR NAME 'YY", where YY is the last two digits of the model year. If you are uploading a common set of materials for a particular game or software to the site, you don't need to specify the year. It's strictly forbidden to indicate the year at the beginning of the name, since in this case the list of files will be sorted by year, and not alphabetically, which complicates the search. Tags Their presence is mandatory, since it's on them that the search is performed in the first place. It's desirable that they contain the following information: Model name (or set of materials, or software name) Manufacturer (automaker, manufacturers alliance, software developer) Country of manufacture (if known) Model designation or index, for example: "R34", "F90", "SRT-8", etc. Each sentence should be separated by one word per tag. The total number of tags mustn't exceed 15. Description The site welcomes and highly recommends the use of a unified template for describing a file. This forms the general style. In some cases, it's acceptable to use your own design options (each of these is individually discussed with the administration). The description is written in English only. Writing a description in any other language is unacceptable. If you don't know this language, you can use the online translator. To simplify the compilation of descriptions, a special button is available - , clicking on which will automatically insert a description design template. You will only have to fill in some fields in it. If you're using third-party extensions to change the styles on your sites (for example, extensions to enable "dark theme", etc.), it's strongly recommended to disable them at the time of adding the file. It's forbidden to indicate any gratitude or leave links to other people's resources in the description. To indicate the authors, there is a special column "Author of the rip". It's strictly forbidden to add any advertisement of your (and not only) resources to the description. It's forbidden in any way (for example, by replacing icons or fonts) to change the formatting of block headers ("badges"). It's highly recommended not to change the font size in the description. Description Sections The name of the game is written in full, with the preservation of the author's punctuation and case. If the name of the game is written in a language other than English, then immediately after the original name you need to indicate in brackets its translation into English. The file name in the description is indicated in the format "YYYY CAR NAME", where YYYY is the year of the model. If you're uploading a common set of materials for a particular game or software to the site, you don't need to specify the year. The "ABOUT" block is used solely to list the formats in which the model and/or textures are saved. If your file doesn't have a model (or textures) - delete the unnecessary line from this block. In the case of adding software, it's allowed to specify its version. The list of formats in which the model and textures are saved is listed separated by commas, for example: "FBX, MAX, OBJ". The "NOTES" block is optional and is used in cases where it's necessary to additionally inform users about the nuances of working with your file - for example, you can indicate the features of the format used (for example, its version, or compression type), identified problems (if any) etc. In the case of adding software, you can make a short list of changes in the current version from the previous one, or provide a link to the official website of this software with a similar listing. If you have nothing to add to this block, delete it. The "SOFTWARE" block lists the list of main applications for working with your file. There may be 3D editors, graphic editors, specialized software (for working with game archives or converting files into well-known formats), etc. Each software must be presented as a link leading either to the official website of its developer (recommended) or to our catalog. If the specified software is paid, you're required to provide only a link to the official site. The end user must decide for himself whether to buy this software or not. It's strictly forbidden to indicate links to torrent trackers, warez sites or cloud storages where the file can be placed. By default, this block contains the most basic software for working with models and textures. The "USEFUL LINKS" block is intended for adding links to common sets of materials (for example, a set of textures, tuning parts, liveries or stickers, etc.) that may be necessary or recommended for use when working with your file. These sets must be uploaded to the site earlier than other files. If you're loading a model from a game, then you're not allowed to link to any custom mods for that game or common mods. In case you're uploading a custom modification, this is allowed. An example link (by default leading to the main page of the site) is added automatically. In the "WARNING" block, in the first line, it's obligatory to indicate the author of the model or software, or the owner of the copyright. If the model or software has several authors, publishers, or copyright owners, you must indicate them all, listing them separated by a comma, or the word "and". Each mention must be a link to the official website of the publisher/developer/copyright owner. It's forbidden to change the rest of this block in any way. Author This field identifies your file's original author, software developer, publisher, or copyright owner. If there are several, list them separated by commas. Author of the rip This column indicates the user/team that made the extraction of files from the game and their conversion (if any). Here you can also specify the authors of the utilities used to prepare the file. Website This column indicates a link to the site, or a Discord server/forum thread/social network community/Telegram channel of the user/team that prepared and uploaded the file. Screenshot This column indicates either the user/team that took the screenshot(s), or a link to the site where they were taken from. If you found them somewhere on the Internet, you're allowed to use "Internet" or "Google Images" or a similar name. DLC If the file you're adding belongs to DLC, or appeared in a certain game update, you can indicate this in this column. Otherwise, leave this field blank. Polycount This column indicates the approximate or exact number of polygons (triangles) in the model. If you don't know the exact number, you can specify the following values: "Highpoly", "Midpoly", "Lowpoly", or "Mixed" (in case the model has multiple levels of detail (LOD). 3D format In this block, it's necessary to mark the formats in which your model is saved. In case you publish original game files (without conversion to well-known formats), you should check the only checkbox "Original". If one or more formats are not in this block, check the "Other" checkbox additionally. 3ds Max version This column indicates the minimum version of 3ds Max required to open the .max model file (if present) or required to import the .fbx model file (if present). If you're using version-independent formats, leave this field blank. Textures If your file contains textures, enable this option. UV Mapping If your model contains UV coordinates, enable this option. Materials If your model contains materials, enable this option. Geometry In this block, you need to select the type of polygons used in your model. By default, models taken from the games use triangles. Version This column indicates the version of your file, or the version of the patch/update from where it was obtained. In most cases, the value in this column doesn't need to be changed. This guide will be updated and supplemented as necessary. © 2022 GameModels Community. All rights reserved.
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