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Found 3 results

  1. Version m_1.1


    SSC Tuatara Striker 2022 PUBLIC RELEASE If you like concept of creation modified versions from CSR Racing 2 you can support it by donating any amount to: PayPal.me/CSBMods Thank you! ABOUT This release contains a total of two versions: ORIGINAL VERSION Raw export from the game archives without any further modifications or post-processings High quality 3D models in FBX format Medium quality textures in PNG format MODIFIED VERSION Standardized version of Original version created by @.CSB Altered high quality 3d models in MAX19, FBX and OBJ formats Altered medium quality textures in PNG format MODIFIED VERSION Exclusive version created by using series of post-processings and modification on both 3D models and textures of Original version The vision is to create more standardized, consistent releases and to simplify work with them by making them more "prepared" "Import and use" SCENE AND MODELS Guaranteed original smoothing and normals for all original and detached objects (FWN) Detached, positioned and scaled Callipers and Badges Detached, positioned and scaled all OEM wheels Detached all interior zones (colors) to separated objects - InteriorZone* Detached interior emissive/"glowing" components to separated object - InteriorEmissive Reindexed material Ids of following objects: Calliper - CalliperPaint[1], Textured[2], CalliperBadge[3] Engine - Engine[1], EngineMasked[2] Glass - ClearGlass[1], RedGlass[2], AmberGlass[3], WindowGlass[4], WindowDarkGlass[5] Interior - Interior[1], InteriorMasked[2] InteriorZone* - InteriorZone[1], InteriorZoneMasked[2] Paint - Paint[1], Livery[2] Wheel* - Rim[1], Tire[2], Rotor[3], Other (Carbon, Textured, ...)[4] MATERIALS AND TEXTURES Fully textured model Separated channels of combined texture maps (DiffuseAOSO, Material, MaterialOpacity...) to corresponding textures implementing PBR standard/format Fixed inconsistency between material and texture names by renaming textures and removing kit prefixes to ensure linear and intuitive workflow Fixed missmatching wheel kit texture names in some scenarios to match wheel geometry name (for example: situation where Wheel1A_3D using textures Wheel2A instead of Wheel1A) Remaped textures to relative paths (/maps) OTHER Included car visual data (calipers data, car paints data, interiors data, liveries data, wheels data, visual specifications data - configs) in JSON format Incremental kit merging - Merging multiple car versions (Kits) to one (*RewardRecycled, *Reward, *Gold, *Crew etc.) by merging visual specifications and wheel variants (if technically and logically possible)
  2. Version 2.0


    SSC Tuatara 2019 ABOUT Includes original models in FBX and textures in PNG Includes modified version models in MAX16, FBX and OBJ format with modified textures in PNG format Highly detailed 3D model: Interior, Engine, Door sills, Trunk, the reverse side of the trunk, hood MODIFIED VERSION Original smoothing and normals for base and detached parts Properly detached, scaled and positioned wheels Properly detached, scaled and positioned calipers Detached interior emissive elements into separated object InteriorEmissive Separated and modified textures to PBR format Textured using relative maps (/maps) Includes car visual data (calipers data, car paints data, interiors data, liveries data, wheels data, specs data) in JSON format Modified version mapping Calipers [1] Color [2] Textured [3] Badge Engine [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) Glass [1] Clear glass [2] Red glass [3] Amber glass [4] Window glass [5] Window glass (dark) Interior [1] Default [2] Default (opacity) [3] Color 1 [4] Color 1 (opacity) [5] Color 2 [6] Color 2 (opacity) InteriorEmissive [1] Default (UV2) / overlays Interior Light [1] Default / LightEmissive (UV2) overlays Light Wheels [1] Default [2] Tire [3] Rotor [4] Carbon1
  3. DMN

    SSC Tuatara


    Скачать 3D Модель автомобиля SSC Tuatara в форматах .obj и 3dsMax из игры Asphalt 8: Airborne Информация Спасибо за скрипт импорта: Рип модели и подготовка архива: @DMN Описание midpoly модель Текстуры: pvr Материалы: да Модель в форматах .max .obj Необходимые программы для работы с моделью PVRTexTool – работа с текстурами 3dsMax – открытие проекта .max, импорт .obj Или любая программа, поддерживающая данные форматы Модель протестирована на версии 3dsMax 2014 ВНИМАНИЕ! Все авторские права на содержимое, представленное в этом архиве принадлежат непосредственно его создателям! Файлы в архиве предназначены для ознакомительных целей! Запрещено использовать модели в коммерческих целях! Запрещено размещение данного архива на сторонних ресурсах без предварительного уведомления автора рипа! При использовании моделей, пожалуйста, указывайте ссылку на GameModels.ru - так Вы поможете развитию проекта. Спасибо!
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