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Found 4 results

  1. Additional components when installing 3ds Max: what are they, why are they needed and can they be removed? NOTE: This is a translation of my article in Russian, available here: https://vk.com/@frskcstms-3dsmax-additional-components In this article, I want to talk about additional components that are installed along with 3ds Max (most often without your knowledge) and take up a lot of space on your HDD / SSD, but their presence is not always necessary. DISCLAIMER #1: All tests were conducted on 3ds Max versions 2015 and 2020. Some information is taken from open sources and paraphrased. The author of this article doesn't bear any responsibility for possible inoperability that arose after the installation / removal of a particular component - all actions you do at your own peril and risk. DISCLAIMER #2: This article periodically discusses the use of unlicensed versions of Autodesk products. The author doesn't welcome such behavior and advises (but doesn't force), nevertheless, to acquire licenses legally. Especially in cases of commercial use. So, what are the components we install? Let's start with a component that is present in almost all versions of 3ds Max, but few people know why it is actually needed. The following 3 components can be conditionally linked together, because their purpose is almost the same - to provide the user of one Autodesk program with the ability to open files in another and work with them. The whole "trinity" can be safely removed or not installed. Next we have real "eaters" of free space, dividing into the number of components from 3 to 5-7, depending on the version of 3ds Max. The next category is rendering systems. Many of you have heard of programs such as V-Ray or Corona Renderer. So, this is the same thing, the only difference is that the above programs are paid and refer to 3ds Max only indirectly, and the following ones are installed with it by default, while most are simply not needed, since usually either the standard Scanline Renderer system is used, or the aforementioned V-Ray, Corona, etc. are installed immediately. The penultimate part of our "exposure" is a small "tinsel". Usually it's left for last, but not in this case. And finally, I'll tell you about a component that many lovers of pirated versions of relatively new versions of Autodesk products hated. Remembering Disclaimer #2 at the beginning of the article, I repeat that, of course, it is better to buy licenses, but not everyone does it. I won't describe the possible reasons why they aren't bought, but I'll write how to get rid of this annoying component. There are several methods, I suggest the most effective. Thank you for reading this article to the end. I hope you found it helpful.
  2. В Forza Horizon 4 колеса выглядят вот так: Но при импорте в программу они выглядят вот так: Почему так и можно ли это как-то исправить?
  3. Я решил сделать конверт модельки из Forza Horizon 4 в GTA 5. С помощью 3DSimED сделал конверт модельки в .fbx файл и открыл его в 3DS Max, но появилась такая проблема - не хватает некоторых лого при импорте в 3d s max (я показал стрелочками на фото) Кто-нибудь знает как это исправить? Помогите пожалуйста это исправить!
  4. ABOUT Probably the most popular and best known 3D modeling software with the widest range of possibilities. IMPORTANT NOTE Please read this article before installing: Additional components when installing 3ds Max: what are they, why are they needed and can they be removed? NOTES If your antivirus tells you that there is a virus in the torrent, this is a standard reaction to the activator. It is up to you to decide: turn off the antivirus for a while and use the activator, or be afraid of the notification and buy a license. There is no Russian language in the program, there has not been, and will not be! Key generators and activation instructions are included in the torrent. If after downloading you don't have an activator - disable the antivirus (including the standard "Windows Defender" at the time of download and installation - it removes the activator). All updates and serial numbers are taken from the official Autodesk website. All updates are provided as offline installers. For version 2021, updates are distributed with 3ds Max itself, not separate updates, so you can just download this version from the Updates paragraph and install. Links are provided only to the most recent (at the time of publication) service packs. Updates are cumulative, meaning that each subsequent update includes all previous updates. Thus, you only need to download and install the most recent update, and not install each one individually. All links presented in this material are the official versions of the program. The only acceptable deviation is the "Crack" folder in the torrent file being shared. Custom RePacks, whatever they may be, are not used in this material. DOWNLOAD 3ds Max 2013 MEGA 3ds Max 2014 MEGA 3ds Max 2015 MEGA 3ds Max 2016 MEGA 3ds Max 2017 MEGA 3ds Max 2018 MEGA 3ds Max 2019 MEGA 3ds Max 2020 MEGA 3ds Max 2021 MEGA UPDATES 3ds Max 2013 Product Update 6 MEGA 3ds Max 2014 Service Pack 6 MEGA 3ds Max 2015 Service Pack 4 MEGA 3ds Max 2016 Service Pack 4 MEGA 3ds Max 2017 Service Pack 3 MEGA 3ds Max 2018 Update 4 MEGA 3ds Max 2019 Update 3 MEGA 3ds Max 2020 Update 3 MEGA 3ds Max 2021 Update 3 (distributed with 3ds Max itself) MEGA SERIAL NUMBERS 3ds Max 2013: 128E1 3ds Max 2014: 128F1 3ds Max 2015: 128G1 3ds Max 2016: 128H1 3ds Max 2017: 128I1 3ds Max 2018: 128J1 3ds Max 2019: 128K1 3ds Max 2020: 128L1 3ds Max 2021: 128M1 SUPPORT If you notice an inaccuracy in this article, or want to inform about the release of a new version of 3ds Max (or updates for it), or want a version that is missing to be added to the list, write to @DARKSIDEOPG in your private messages. © 2021 Forsaken Customs
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