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Found 8 results

  1. DGiorio recently released a new script pack for noesis which makes it capable of extracting models from NFS HP 2010, NFS MW 2012 and Burnout Paradise Remastered. In this topic i'll show how to use it on Hot Pursuit 2010. Its pretty simple, the first step is to own the game (duh) and install the lastest version of noesis from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1NgOi5F1w1-UGpYMVgyVmFUdEk You also need this list i made which says what files belong to the car you want + their GraphicSpecID (which will be useful once we know how to make car mods): https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cjq2bxoezjupdl/nfs2010carlist.txt?dl=0 Open Noesis, click on "Tools > NFS HP 2010 Unpacker" and click on "Browse". go to your NFSHP2010 root directory which should be in the Origin Games folder. In this example, i want to open the Lamborghini Murciélago which is the file "VEH_97331_MS" IMPORTANT: for models, always open the file that has "MS" on the end of the name. Double click the file and click on "OK", another pop-up will be shown and now you will click on "Browse" to select a folder to extract the contents of your model (in my case, a folder called "test") and click on "OK" After the extraction is done, go to your extraction folder (in noesis) and click on the folder "06_01_00_00" Now on the Noesis window you will see a file with a similar name to this one inside that folder, double click on it And here is your extracted model! now lets export it to a file format that blender and 3dsmax can read. Now right-click the file that we double-clicked before and select "Export" I recommend using .DAE while export as when i tried to use .obj the normals get broken some times. IMPORTANT: most of the times you will need to Flip UV's to get correct ones. After exporting, we can finally open it on 3dsmax or any software that you can open models. If you want the textures, they should be inside the same folder where you exported the model. if not, go the "01_00_00_00" folder in noesis and export them. We can also export the map of the game but not all of it at the same time, so if you want the whole map, you will need to export all the "TRK_UNIT" files from the "SEACREST" folder one at time. The process is the same as for the vehicles, but instead of the "06_01_00_00" folder we open the file from the "50_00_00_00" to open the whole slice of the map, if you want the props from that slice, open the files from the "51_00_00_00" folder. IMPORTANT: you may need to remove the NFS MW 2012/Burnout Paradise scripts from the python folder in order to open the track files correctly (that's an issue on the current version of the scripts which should be fixed in the next version) And that is it! have fun exploring the files from this pretty good game. Now its a question of time until someone figure out how to make custom car mods (which would be insane). Credits to DGIorio for doing those amazing scripts
  2. **TUTORIAL TO RIP MODELS FROM ASPHALT8 USING BLUESTACKS** *REQUIREMENTS: *Ninja Ripper.( http://cgig.ru/ninjaripper/ ) *Bluestacks.( http://www.bluestacks.com/#gref ) *Rip2Obj converter.( https://github.com/stilll/rip2obj ) *3D modelling software to view the files. ( ZModeler , Blender or 3DS Max etc ). *NOTE: *This tutorial is only for converting Asphalt 8 cars. "Asphalt Xtreme" and "Asphalt Streetstorm racing will need a slightly different settings. *I have tested it on a Win10 64-bit laptop so I'm not 100% sure if this will work on you PC. *RIPPING THE MODELS: STEP-1:First we need to install bluestacks on our PC.Download it from the link above. After that install the Bluestacks but choose different location for installation of game data. (Do not choose C:Drive).Bluestacks will automatically be installed in C:Drive but we need to choose a different location for the data of the games. STEP-2:Now open bluestacks and install Asphalt 8:Airborne.Then close bluestacks. STEP-3:Open Ninja Ripper and choose the "Bluestacks.exe" file. STEP-4:Now choose DirectX11 as "inject mode". STEP-5:Choose these settings... STEP-6:Then click "Run". STEP-7:Now open Asphalt 8 and choose the car.Click on the car to enter view mode...Now press"F12" to force rip the models.Press "Fn+F12" to force rip if you are running bluestacks on your laptop. STEP-8:Now the game will freeze for few seconds while ripping the models and after the model is ripped it will start working fine again.Now close the game once ripping is done. STEP-9:After that open the"_Ninja_Ripper" folder in the bluestacks directory....See the image below. STEP-10:Now open the folder named "Bluestacks.exe" where you will find lots of .rip files...These are the ripped models.Now just drag and drop a .rip file into "Rip2Obj" to convert it into .Obj format.After that it can be viewed in 3d Modelling softwares like Blender. *RIPPING THE TEXTURES: STEP-1:For ripping the textures we don't need bluestacks.Extract the ".obb" file of Asphalt 8. STEP-2:Open "Texture_Android"folder.There we will find the textures in .tga format but we will need to convert it into .ktx format. STEP-3:Rename the texture file from ".tga" to ".ktx".(For example: rename "XYZ.tga" to "XYZ.ktx". STEP-4:Now open the .ktx file in "PVRTexTool" and then export it into whatever format you want. THANK YOU!
  3. Guidelines for adding files to the site Selecting a file to upload to the site If your file is larger than 5 MB, you must upload it to a cloud service where you will have full access to this file (for example, MEGA or Google Drive). Uploading files larger than 5 MB to the site's internal server is prohibited (except for cases individually agreed with the administration). It's strictly forbidden to use the one-time file storage services, or services where the file can be deleted after a certain period of time, or where registration is required. In case of uploading a file to the site's internal server, only RAR, 7-Zip and ZIP archives are allowed. The main recommended format for archives is 7-Zip. Selecting screenshots for uploading to the site It's strongly recommended to upload screenshots to the site's internal server in order to avoid the problem of hotlink blocking by image hosts. It's recommended to save screenshots in JPEG format with a quality of 85-90% and a resolution of no more than 1920x1080. Using the PNG format is acceptable if the screenshot file size doesn't exceed 200 KB and there is a need for this format (for example, you're uploading a render or a preview with a transparent background). Filling in information about the file you are uploading. File name The name is specified in the format "CAR NAME 'YY", where YY is the last two digits of the model year. If you are uploading a common set of materials for a particular game or software to the site, you don't need to specify the year. It's strictly forbidden to indicate the year at the beginning of the name, since in this case the list of files will be sorted by year, and not alphabetically, which complicates the search. Tags Their presence is mandatory, since it's on them that the search is performed in the first place. It's desirable that they contain the following information: Model name (or set of materials, or software name) Manufacturer (automaker, manufacturers alliance, software developer) Country of manufacture (if known) Model designation or index, for example: "R34", "F90", "SRT-8", etc. Each sentence should be separated by one word per tag. The total number of tags mustn't exceed 15. Description The site welcomes and highly recommends the use of a unified template for describing a file. This forms the general style. In some cases, it's acceptable to use your own design options (each of these is individually discussed with the administration). The description is written in English only. Writing a description in any other language is unacceptable. If you don't know this language, you can use the online translator. To simplify the compilation of descriptions, a special button is available - , clicking on which will automatically insert a description design template. You will only have to fill in some fields in it. If you're using third-party extensions to change the styles on your sites (for example, extensions to enable "dark theme", etc.), it's strongly recommended to disable them at the time of adding the file. It's forbidden to indicate any gratitude or leave links to other people's resources in the description. To indicate the authors, there is a special column "Author of the rip". It's strictly forbidden to add any advertisement of your (and not only) resources to the description. It's forbidden in any way (for example, by replacing icons or fonts) to change the formatting of block headers ("badges"). It's highly recommended not to change the font size in the description. Description Sections The name of the game is written in full, with the preservation of the author's punctuation and case. If the name of the game is written in a language other than English, then immediately after the original name you need to indicate in brackets its translation into English. The file name in the description is indicated in the format "YYYY CAR NAME", where YYYY is the year of the model. If you're uploading a common set of materials for a particular game or software to the site, you don't need to specify the year. The "ABOUT" block is used solely to list the formats in which the model and/or textures are saved. If your file doesn't have a model (or textures) - delete the unnecessary line from this block. In the case of adding software, it's allowed to specify its version. The list of formats in which the model and textures are saved is listed separated by commas, for example: "FBX, MAX, OBJ". The "NOTES" block is optional and is used in cases where it's necessary to additionally inform users about the nuances of working with your file - for example, you can indicate the features of the format used (for example, its version, or compression type), identified problems (if any) etc. In the case of adding software, you can make a short list of changes in the current version from the previous one, or provide a link to the official website of this software with a similar listing. If you have nothing to add to this block, delete it. The "SOFTWARE" block lists the list of main applications for working with your file. There may be 3D editors, graphic editors, specialized software (for working with game archives or converting files into well-known formats), etc. Each software must be presented as a link leading either to the official website of its developer (recommended) or to our catalog. If the specified software is paid, you're required to provide only a link to the official site. The end user must decide for himself whether to buy this software or not. It's strictly forbidden to indicate links to torrent trackers, warez sites or cloud storages where the file can be placed. By default, this block contains the most basic software for working with models and textures. The "USEFUL LINKS" block is intended for adding links to common sets of materials (for example, a set of textures, tuning parts, liveries or stickers, etc.) that may be necessary or recommended for use when working with your file. These sets must be uploaded to the site earlier than other files. If you're loading a model from a game, then you're not allowed to link to any custom mods for that game or common mods. In case you're uploading a custom modification, this is allowed. An example link (by default leading to the main page of the site) is added automatically. In the "WARNING" block, in the first line, it's obligatory to indicate the author of the model or software, or the owner of the copyright. If the model or software has several authors, publishers, or copyright owners, you must indicate them all, listing them separated by a comma, or the word "and". Each mention must be a link to the official website of the publisher/developer/copyright owner. It's forbidden to change the rest of this block in any way. Author This field identifies your file's original author, software developer, publisher, or copyright owner. If there are several, list them separated by commas. Author of the rip This column indicates the user/team that made the extraction of files from the game and their conversion (if any). Here you can also specify the authors of the utilities used to prepare the file. Website This column indicates a link to the site, or a Discord server/forum thread/social network community/Telegram channel of the user/team that prepared and uploaded the file. Screenshot This column indicates either the user/team that took the screenshot(s), or a link to the site where they were taken from. If you found them somewhere on the Internet, you're allowed to use "Internet" or "Google Images" or a similar name. DLC If the file you're adding belongs to DLC, or appeared in a certain game update, you can indicate this in this column. Otherwise, leave this field blank. Polycount This column indicates the approximate or exact number of polygons (triangles) in the model. If you don't know the exact number, you can specify the following values: "Highpoly", "Midpoly", "Lowpoly", or "Mixed" (in case the model has multiple levels of detail (LOD). 3D format In this block, it's necessary to mark the formats in which your model is saved. In case you publish original game files (without conversion to well-known formats), you should check the only checkbox "Original". If one or more formats are not in this block, check the "Other" checkbox additionally. 3ds Max version This column indicates the minimum version of 3ds Max required to open the .max model file (if present) or required to import the .fbx model file (if present). If you're using version-independent formats, leave this field blank. Textures If your file contains textures, enable this option. UV Mapping If your model contains UV coordinates, enable this option. Materials If your model contains materials, enable this option. Geometry In this block, you need to select the type of polygons used in your model. By default, models taken from the games use triangles. Version This column indicates the version of your file, or the version of the patch/update from where it was obtained. In most cases, the value in this column doesn't need to be changed. This guide will be updated and supplemented as necessary. © 2023 GameModels Community. All rights reserved.
  4. Recently i discovered that you can rip any Vehicle or Wheel from Burnout Paradise AND even the MAP of it, and its pretty easy but if you want the map you will need a lot of pacient and time, here is how to rip vehicles: First of all i need to credit DGlorio for his Scripts and his knownledge on Burnout Paradise without him this wouldn't be possible. Requirements: Noesis: http://www.richwhitehouse.com/filemirror/noesisv417.zip DGlorio Scripts and Common Textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1NgOi5F1w1-VU9FVXVnWFhSaG8/view?usp=sharing This Sheet to know what files the cars are (also made by DGlorio): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y6XErNtX4BM6nmqyTe1jLPi3FVCIMIgq Now, the first thing to do is install the scripts (drag the .py's to the "plugins/pyhton" folder in noesis directory) and put the folders "BP_Generic_models and BP_Generic_Textures" inside noesis directory too. Then open Noesis and go to Tool>Burnout Unpacker and click on "Browse" and choose the file of the car (inside VEHICLES folder) you want based on the sheet, i choosed the techno so it is XASBCB1, there will be 3 with the same name so choose the one who have the most size Now click OK and select a folder to extract the contents of the car (i recomend to create a folder inside noesis directory), after that it should appear inside noesis now go to the folder 06_00_01_00 and open the only file there is in the folder and here is the car! but now we need to export and to do that we need to do a little trick. On Noesis, Keep Pressing F2 until that counter in the viewport go to it max value (in this case 31) and then go to file > export from preview and export to any format you want but i advice to export to fbx as it has textures. and here is the model on 3dsmax, you just need to fix some textures that you can find in the folders from the export in noesis and in the common textures folder from dglorio and its ready to use! (the left one is how i imported the fbx and the right one is a nfs carbon conversion i'm doing) And to get the map is the same but you need to unpack the trackbundles in the burnout paradise folder (which are separated in 370+ files, so it take a lot of time to get everything) and do the same as for the car. And for Wheels is the same as cars just unpack the stuff inside the wheels folder. This is my first post here so if i made something wrong or you didn't get something and need help comment below and maybe mt or others can help, also english isn't my main language. Enjoy ripping the shit out of this amazing game
  5. Additional components when installing 3ds Max: what are they, why are they needed and can they be removed? NOTE: This is a translation of my article in Russian, available here: https://vk.com/@frskcstms-3dsmax-additional-components In this article, I want to talk about additional components that are installed along with 3ds Max (most often without your knowledge) and take up a lot of space on your HDD / SSD, but their presence is not always necessary. DISCLAIMER #1: All tests were conducted on 3ds Max versions 2015 and 2020. Some information is taken from open sources and paraphrased. The author of this article doesn't bear any responsibility for possible inoperability that arose after the installation / removal of a particular component - all actions you do at your own peril and risk. DISCLAIMER #2: This article periodically discusses the use of unlicensed versions of Autodesk products. The author doesn't welcome such behavior and advises (but doesn't force), nevertheless, to acquire licenses legally. Especially in cases of commercial use. So, what are the components we install? Let's start with a component that is present in almost all versions of 3ds Max, but few people know why it is actually needed. The following 3 components can be conditionally linked together, because their purpose is almost the same - to provide the user of one Autodesk program with the ability to open files in another and work with them. The whole "trinity" can be safely removed or not installed. Next we have real "eaters" of free space, dividing into the number of components from 3 to 5-7, depending on the version of 3ds Max. The next category is rendering systems. Many of you have heard of programs such as V-Ray or Corona Renderer. So, this is the same thing, the only difference is that the above programs are paid and refer to 3ds Max only indirectly, and the following ones are installed with it by default, while most are simply not needed, since usually either the standard Scanline Renderer system is used, or the aforementioned V-Ray, Corona, etc. are installed immediately. The penultimate part of our "exposure" is a small "tinsel". Usually it's left for last, but not in this case. And finally, I'll tell you about a component that many lovers of pirated versions of relatively new versions of Autodesk products hated. Remembering Disclaimer #2 at the beginning of the article, I repeat that, of course, it is better to buy licenses, but not everyone does it. I won't describe the possible reasons why they aren't bought, but I'll write how to get rid of this annoying component. There are several methods, I suggest the most effective. Thank you for reading this article to the end. I hope you found it helpful.
  6. please there will be there a person who to make a tutorial to connect all the textures for the models of gran torismo 6 / sport .. when I import original obj by obj 3dsmax. I open 3dsimed to read it my models has no material and therefore impossible to split object / material I was careful to know how to separate all the mesh from the body to install the texture and then export to 3dsimed thank you for your info
  7. Antes de comenzar, queria agradecer al usuario DGlorio por este addon increible, acreedor al. Bien, primero necesitamos Noesis, luego de haber descargado el correspondiente complemento para determinado juego. Esto nos deja dos archivos, Addon y Library (con Burnout Paradise a mi me funciona sin Libray) Importante! : la carpeta library debe estar extraida en el directorio de noesis en mi caso tengo los complementos de MW2012 y HP2010 (instalar la biblioteca es muy IMPORTANTE, no lo olvides) El siguiente archivo nos deja dos carpetas: OpcionalPlugins y plugins, esto lo extraemos en la carpeta de Noesis, posiblemente nos pida que confirmemos para combinar carpetas Bien, entonces ya esta, pero vamos a probarlo primero para empezar podemos encontrar un auto, o también partes del mapa, las partes del mapa se encuentran en / "juego" / "nombre de ciudad" /TRK_UNIT1.BNDL todos los archivos TRK son la ciudad, tambien podemos extraer la interfaz Una ves en Noesis vamos a "Herramientas"> descomprimir "juego" Elegimos el juego y luego lo queramos, primero les mostrare un auto, IMPORTANTE elegir archivos _HI.BNDL! En el caso de HP son los archivos MS ! Luego nos pedira donde queremos guardarlo, esperamos la extracción .... nos dejara esta carpeta, el auto se encuentra en la carpeta 51 o 06 diferencia? 51 es el auto directamente mientras que la carpeta 06 contiene el auto y niveles de detalle las texturas se encuentran en 01 No me deja subir mas capturas 😞 es un lastima tambien queria mostrar el mapa y la interfaz en fin, una vez tengamos el modelo le damos a Click derecho, eligen salida y nombre y ATENTOS, la mayoria de veces vamos a tener que marcar casillas a la derecha, estas son: Flip UV's y Rotate 90 si no las marcamos los mapeados uv saldran mal, solo con los modelos, con la interfaz elegimos la ubicacion y nombre y lo exportamos directamente en mi caso yo extaigo los archivos en formato .DAE y lo importo en blender, tambien podemos hacerlos en otros programas por supuesto, me olvidaba de un detalle, cuando extraigamos un modelo, por lo general de autos, vamos a tener que reconfigurar las normales (o vordes) manualmente Bien, eso es todo, perdon por no poder mostrar mas imagenes, la pagina no me lo permite, espero hayan entendido, a continuacion les dejo un link de descarga para el addon, y tambien en el caso de MW2012 les dejo una lista de todos los coches Agradecimiento especial a DGlorio por crear los addons https://gamemodels.ru/redirect/?to=https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1NgOi5F1w1-UGpYMVgyVmFUdEk este es el addon, a continuacion la lista, nos vemos la proxima Lista: MW2012 vehicle ID-s. array VEHICLE ID(4 bytes) array(little endian) 02 91 10 00 alfa romeo 4C 1085698 00 10 91 02 27 83 21 00 alfa romeo mito 2196263 00 21 83 27 92 B3 11 00 ariel atom V8 1160082 00 11 B3 92 31 84 21 00 aston martin DB5 2196529 00 21 84 31 73 84 21 00 aston martin dbs 2196595 00 21 84 73 30 DF 01 00 aston martin vantage 122672 00 01 DF 30 CB B3 11 00 audi A1 1160139 00 11 B3 CB 33 DF 01 00 audi R8 122675 00 01 DF 33 A3 82 21 00 audi RS3 2196131 00 21 82 A3 59 B3 11 00 bac mono 1160025 00 11 B3 59 D6 39 0D 00 bentley supersports 866774 00 0D 39 D6 61 82 21 00 bmw m1 2196065 00 21 82 61 3A DF 01 00 bmw M3 E92 122682 00 01 DF 3A 3C 00 06 00 bmw M3 E46 393276 00 06 00 3C 44 DF 01 00 bugatty veyron 122692 00 01 DF 44 65 AD 1F 00 bugatty veyron Vitesse 2076005 00 1F AD 65 29 FF 05 00 caterham R500 393001 00 05 FF 29 FD 79 09 00 chevrolet camaro ZL1 621053 00 09 79 FD 4D DF 01 00 chevrolet corvette ZR1 122701 00 01 DF 4D F2 83 21 00 dodge charger R/T 2196466 00 21 83 F2 41 94 04 00 ford raptor F150 300097 00 04 94 41 E5 82 21 00 ford fiesta ST 2196197 00 21 82 E5 20 B5 11 00 ford focus RS500 1160480 00 11 B5 20 5A DF 01 00 ford GT 122714 00 01 DF 5A 5C DF 01 00 ford mustang boss 302 122716 00 01 DF 5C E9 AD 1F 00 hennessey venom 2076137 00 1F AD E9 32 5B 15 00 jaguar XKR 1399602 00 15 5B 32 CD FD 08 00 koenigsegg agera 589261 00 08 FD CD 8A FB 05 00 lamborghini aventador 392074 00 05 FB 8A 2B AE 1F 00 lamborghini aventador J 2076203 00 1F AE 2B A3 8E 10 00 lamborghini countach 1085091 00 10 8E A3 B3 AE 1F 00 lamborghini diablo 2076339 00 1F AE B3 C1 90 10 00 lamborghini gallardo 1085633 00 10 90 C1 8C BD 10 00 lancia delta HF 1097100 00 10 BD 8C 06 92 10 00 land rover evoque 1085958 00 10 92 06 47 90 10 00 lexus LFA 1085511 00 10 90 47 E6 AC 17 00 marussia B2 1551590 00 17 AC E6 85 DF 01 00 maserati GT MC12 122757 00 01 DF 85 A6 AD 1F 00 mclaren F1 2076070 00 1F AD A6 8D DF 01 00 mclaren MP4-12C 122765 00 01 DF 8D 91 DF 01 00 mercedes benz SL 65 122769 00 01 DF 91 95 DF 01 00 mercedes benz SLS 122773 00 01 DF 95 10 3A 0D 00 mitsubishi lancer evo 866832 00 0D 3A 10 2E AF 1F 00 nissan 350Z 2076462 00 1F AF 2E E1 A3 06 00 nissan R35 435169 00 06 A3 E1 6C AF 1F 00 nissan R34 2076524 00 1F AF 6C 8B 2B 08 00 pagani huayra 535435 00 08 2B 8B 6A AE 1F 00 pagani zonda R 2076266 00 1F AE 6A AF 83 21 00 pontiac firebird 2196399 00 21 83 AF 4F 8E 10 00 porsche 911 1085007 00 10 8E 4F EF AE 1F 00 porsche 911 GT2 2076399 00 1F AE EF 02 8F 10 00 porsche 911 turbo 3 1085186 00 10 8F 02 20 82 21 00 porsche 918 spyder 2196000 00 21 82 20 86 91 10 00 porsche 918 concept 1085830 00 10 91 86 45 2C 08 00 porsche panamera turbo 535621 00 08 2C 45 88 90 10 00 shelby cobra 427 1085576 00 10 90 88 6E 83 21 00 shelby GT500 2196334 00 21 83 6E 50 DF 01 00 dodge challenger SRT8 122704 00 01 DF 50 9E B4 11 00 dodge viper SRT8 1160350 00 11 B4 9E BE DF 01 00 subaru impreza STI 122814 00 01 DF BE 44 91 10 00 tesla roadster sport 1085764 00 10 91 44 SPECIAL and POLICE: 6A 63 16 00 SWAT van 1467242 00 16 63 6A 1A 5A 15 00 dodge charger SRT8 1399322 00 15 5A 1A 1C 63 16 00 ford raptor pre-order 1467164 00 16 63 1C 24 63 16 00 maserati MC12 pre-order 1467172 00 16 63 24 2B 63 16 00 mercedes benz SL 65 pre-order 1467179 00 16 63 2B 32 63 16 00 porsche 911 pre-order 1467186 00 16 63 32 14 63 16 00 caterham R500 pre-order 1467156 00 16 63 14 78 C8 07 00 ford explorer police 510072 00 07 C8 78 59 DF 01 00 ford crown vic police 122713 00 01 DF 59 52 DF 01 00 dodge charger SRT8 police 122706 00 01 DF 52 4B DF 01 00 chevrolet corvette Z06 police 122699 00 01 DF 4B F3 5A 15 00 ford focus ST 1399539 00 15 5A F3 LIVERY HERO DLC: 71 C0 22 00 lamborghini diablo URBAN 2277489 00 22 C0 71 50 C0 22 00 lamborghini diablo STREET 2277456 00 22 C0 50 5B C0 22 00 lamborghini diablo RACE 2277467 00 22 C0 5B 66 C0 22 00 lamborghini diablo ABSTRACT 2277478 00 22 C0 66 84 BF 22 00 bmw M3 E46 URBAN 2277252 00 22 BF 84 5A BF 22 00 bmw M3 E46 STREET 2277210 00 22 BF 5A 68 BF 22 00 bmw M3 E46 RACE 2277224 00 22 BF 68 76 BF 22 00 bmw M3 E46 ABSTRACT 2277238 00 22 BF 76 6A 6C 22 00 nissan 350Z URBAN 2255978 00 22 6C 6A 49 6C 22 00 nissan 350Z STREET 2255945 00 22 6C 49 54 6C 22 00 nissan 350Z RACE 2255956 00 22 6C 54 5F 6C 22 00 nissan 350Z ABSTRACT 2255967 00 22 6C 5F 3E 6C 22 00 nissan R34 URBAN 2255934 00 22 6C 3E 1D 6C 22 00 nissan R34 RACE 2255901 00 22 6C 1D 28 6C 22 00 nissan R34 STREET 2255912 00 22 6C 28 33 6C 22 00 nissan R34 ABSTRACT 2255923 00 22 6C 33 F8 BF 22 00 porsche 911 GT2 URBAN 2277368 00 22 BF F8 D4 BF 22 00 porsche 911 GT2 STREET 2277332 00 22 BF D4 E0 BF 22 00 porsche 911 GT2 RACE 2277344 00 22 BF E0 EC BF 22 00 porsche 911 GT2 ABSTRACT 2277356 00 22 BF EC TRAFFIC: C0 DF 01 00 Audi A3 122816 00 01 DF C0 C2 DF 01 00 Cadillac CTS-V 122818 00 01 DF C2 C3 DF 01 00 Chevrolet GMC 2500 Express 122819 00 01 DF C3 C5 DF 01 00 Dodge Caliber 122821 00 01 DF C5 C6 DF 01 00 Dodge Grand Caravan 122822 00 01 DF C6 C8 DF 01 00 Dodge RAM 1500 122824 00 01 DF C8 CB DF 01 00 Chevrolet Cobalt LT 122827 00 01 DF CB CC DF 01 00 Infiniti G35 122828 00 01 DF CC CD DF 01 00 Nissan Frontier SE 122829 00 01 DF CD CE DF 01 00 Nissan Versa 122830 00 01 DF CE 82 FC 05 00 GMC TopKick C5500 392322 00 05 FC 82 REMOVED: 08 90 10 00 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1085448 00 10 90 08 BF BF 10 00 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 1097663 00 10 BF BF EF B5 11 00 Pagani Huayra NFS Edition 1160687 00 11 B5 EF F0 C0 10 00 Hummer H1 Alpha 1097968 00 10 C0 F0 UNKNOWN: C1 DF 01 00 Aston Martin V12 Vantage 122817 00 01 DF C1 MANUFACTURER ID: BD ED 01 00 ALFA ROMEO 126397 00 01 ED BD E1 B4 11 00 ARIEL 1160417 00 11 B4 E1 BE ED 01 00 ASTON MARTIN 126398 00 01 ED BE BF ED 01 00 AUDI 126399 00 01 ED BF E4 B4 11 00 BAC 1160420 00 11 B4 E4 C0 ED 01 00 BENTLEY 126400 00 01 ED C0 C1 ED 01 00 BMW 126401 00 01 ED C1 C2 ED 01 00 BUGATTY 126402 00 01 ED C2 28 FF 05 00 CATERHAM 393000 00 05 FF 28 C4 ED 01 00 CHEVROLET 126404 00 01 ED C4 C6 ED 01 00 DODGE 126406 00 01 ED C6 C7 ED 01 00 FORD 126407 00 01 ED C7 26 AE 1F 00 HENNESEY 2076198 00 1F AE 26 C9 ED 01 00 JAGUAR 126409 00 01 ED C9 CA ED 01 00 KOENIGSSEGG 126410 00 01 ED CA CB ED 01 00 LAMBORGHINI 126411 00 01 ED CB E5 B4 11 00 LANCIA 1160421 00 11 B4 E5 E6 B4 11 00 LAND ROVER 1160422 00 11 B4 E6 E3 B4 11 00 LEXUS 1160419 00 11 B4 E3 23 AD 17 00 MARUSSIA 1551651 00 17 AD 23 CC ED 01 00 MASERATI 126412 00 01 ED CC CE ED 01 00 MCLAREN 126414 00 01 ED CE CF ED 01 00 MERCEDES BENZ 126415 00 01 ED CF D1 ED 01 00 MITSUBISHI 126417 00 01 ED D1 D2 ED 01 00 NISSAN 126418 00 01 ED D2 D3 ED 01 00 PAGANI 126419 00 01 ED D3 ED 83 21 00 PONTIAC 2196461 00 21 83 ED D4 ED 01 00 PORSCHE 126420 00 01 ED D4 D5 ED 01 00 SHELBY 126421 00 01 ED D5 E2 B4 11 00 SRT 1160418 00 11 B4 E2 D6 ED 01 00 SUBARU 126422 00 01 ED D6 E7 B4 11 00 TESLA 1160423 00 11 B4 E7 24 23 0A 00 SWAT 664356 00 0A 23 24 D7 ED 01 00 TRAFFIC 126423 00 01 ED D7 40 FB 05 00 HUMMER 392000 00 05 FB 40 GAMESCOM D5 AB 17 00 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports 1551317 00 17 AB D5 1A AC 17 00 Mclaren MP4-12C 1551386 00 17 AC 1A 5F AC 17 00 Pagani Huayra 1551455 00 17 AC 5F A4 AC 17 00 Lamborghini Aventador(broken) 1551524 00 17 AC A4 2E 19 19 00 Nissan Versa 1644846 00 19 19 2E GELDY A1 8E 10 00 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X 1085089 00 10 8E A1 BENS 47 DF 01 00 Chevrolet Camaro SS 122695 00 01 DF 47 4E DF 01 00 Corvette Z06 police(boston) 122702 00 01 DF 4E C1 DF 01 00 Audi A4(traffic) 122817 00 01 DF C1 C7 DF 01 00 Dodge Magnum(traffic?) 122823 00 01 DF C7 C9 DF 01 00 Ford Shelby GT500 cop(traffic) 122825 00 01 DF C9 CA DF 01 00 GMC 6500(traffic) 122826 00 01 DF CA CF DF 01 00 Porsche Cayenne cop(traffic) 122831 00 01 DF CF D0 DF 01 00 Porsche Cayenne(traffic) 122832 00 01 DF D0 4D 51 04 00 BMW M3 E46 282957 00 04 51 4D 30 DA 04 00 GMC semi(traffic) 318000 00 04 DA 30 E0 FB 05 00 Porsche Cayenne Turbo 392160 00 05 FB E0 0E 01 06 00 BMW M3 CoupeGPMM(w/interior) 393486 00 06 01 0E C9 01 06 00 "Arctic Trailer Flatbed" 393673 00 06 01 C9 12 72 06 00 "Arctic Cab"(semi? traffic) 422418 00 06 72 12 5C 72 06 00 "Arctic Trailer Flatbed" 422492 00 06 72 5C A0 2C 08 00 Ford GT 2006 535712 00 08 2C A0 C4 DF 01 00 *traffic default* 122820 00 01 DF C4 BD DF 01 00 *Sphere car(alfa romeo)* 122813 00 01 DF BD 43 FB 05 00 Hummer HX 392003 00 05 FB 43 BB 44 07 00 *Armored Helix* 476347 00 07 44 BB AVEAL(APR25) 0F B4 11 00 "Bordes Approved"(traffic) 1160207 00 11 B4 0F 3F B4 11 00 GMC C6500 "dave cory motors" 1160255 00 11 B4 3F 6E B4 11 00 GMC C6500 "dave cory motors" 1160302 00 11 B4 6E FB B4 11 00 "flatbed trailer" 1160443 00 11 B4 FB 46 DF 01 00 Carbon Motors E7 concept 122694 00 01 DF 46 SVEN 17 02 06 00 GMC C6500 "dave cory motors" 393751 00 06 02 17 66 F1 10 00 it's a ford 1110374 00 10 F1 66 SPAM: hasta hace poco empece un proyecto en Unreal Engine 4, es pasar el juego MW2012 al motor de unreal engine, el desarrollo esta en pausa(debido a que no soy experto y por falta de tiempo) si te interesa escribeme.... EDITAR: una ultima cosa, si por casualidad sabes como extraer modelos de NFS No Limits por favor avisame por que estoy interesado, tambien me encantaria felicitar a DMN por esta increible actualizacion de Interfaz, Muchas Gracias por leer
  8. Edited by @DARKSIDEOPG When you import wheel mesh into 3DSimED 3, you can see that object scale and dimensions are invalid, like on this screenshot #1. Let's fix it. For fixing method thanks to @Guki. Scale the mesh only on X axis to 50% (like on the example #2 in screenshot #2) Enter the Vertices mode Select the vertices from inner-side of the rim (see on the example #3 in the screenshot #2) Move it until the required wheel width can be done. PROFIT! About tire models: If you want to import tire models, search them in "Media\cars\_library\scene\tires". This folder contain all tire models used in the game. Just select the tire you need (unpack zip file if needed) and import to the 3DSimED.
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