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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I hope that i could get some insight from this forum. I've really come to like the idea of having custom 3d models in CSR 2, and with the interest i had, started messing around with swapping out so car bodies with others, for example fitting the Tier 4-LB C63 Mercedes wide body to the Tier 3 Mercedes C63 and several others too. While messing around with the process of replacing in game mesh files with other in game mesh files, i've encountered the challenge of importing new models / customized models into CSR 2, via UABE. I would like to know what procedure i'd need to follow to import new custom models into CSR 2. I am fairly well experienced in working with 3d models, so making the changes to the models i want isnt my problem, but knowing which format to save my models into, as well as a method of importing the new custom models into the game, currently is. I am also well knowledgeable (i honestly believe) with the editing / modifying of textures and not just 3d models, and could also bring quite a lot to the table in terms of contributing to your site / help with modifying some files, if that would be something you may be interested in. Attached are some screenshots of successful body swaps / bod mods done in csr 2. I would also like to add, the at the time i started messing around with the body swap files, i was not aware of this forum. before joining this forum, I have searched quite extensively for some help and information relating to this, but could not find anything. I also noted that this is a paid forum, and if my request is categorized as a paid subject, i will appreciate if someone could direct me regarding that. Thank you i n advance
  2. M.A.D

    Jefferson Futura

    From the album: M.A.D Mods

    GTA VC Convert.
  3. M.A.D

    Namorra Bonesnake

    From the album: M.A.D Mods

    GTA VC Convert.
  4. From the album: M.A.D Mods

    Remaded Potomac Indian from Mafia II.
  5. M.A.D

    DeSoto 2DR Custom

    From the album: M.A.D Mods

    Based on model from L.A. Noire.
  6. M.A.D

    Declasse Tornado Hot Rod

    From the album: M.A.D Mods

    Customized Tornado from SA.
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