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  1. @Osare I realize I overreacted a bit there but people for example you are lazy and never read the recommended posts and often don't search which results in the topic being filled with useless posts which can sometimes make the prosses of searching for a model really tedious and difficult. Also can you then please show some respect yourself by please searching next time you request a model and reading the posts pinned at the top of every page.
  2. @hope diyoza Your requests are from 3dcadbrowser, no? Use your common sense to put the pieces together. Also the reason why they redirected you to this topic is because you requested it in .obj and normally you don't have to put that in your request on the 3dcadbrowser topic since it is already in .obj. Otherwise they think you want a format conversion.
  3. @hope diyoza I don't believe you since there is a dedicated thread for models from 3dcadbrowser which this is not this one
  4. @userdoesnotexist That I'm afraid you are going to have to do that your self since uv mapping is an extremely tedious process and also this thread is for converting models from say .max to .fbx or .dds textures to .png
  5. @280988646 First of all you are off topic second i will pm you what are possible causes.
  6. @keizu Yet it has been said way too much in this topic before but still you and tons of other people fail to do so even though there are 4 posts at the top of every single page of the topic telling you what to do and what not to do. Besides because of people like you a while ago @bodgybrowilling to close the topic just because you and other people cant search. @ozkaronibala No leave him let him go on soon @Mike Oxmaul will see his behavior and hopefully ban him.
  7. @Ryuga7 Thar is not how the search works simply type ford-f150-raptor. When i did so it gave me six results with a working link. The best thing is one of your requests was requested under the top recommended post.
  8. @rlawlsgur Use the damn search the santa fe requested and also uploaded and the link is still active
  9. Hi may i please request the following model https://desirefx.me/twinturbo-engine/ Thanks
  10. Sorry if I'm a pain but can i also please request these three cars in obj and textures in png
  11. Hi can i please request this Ferrari F40 engine model from the crew in .obj If it has been requested before im sorry but i am unable to search because i get a configuration error https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PRRQpEboXsZFOcP3W65phyHz5kIuNHWK/view?usp=sharing Thanks.
  12. @tomasgutirom@gmail.com Do you have permission from the mod author
  13. @Emergencymodder12345 This is the second time you have requested the model the first being last year I doubt anyone has it and if someone does they don't want to share it
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