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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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  1. I'll say it again: https://hum3d.com/3d-models/audi-r8-v10-coupe-with-hq-interior-2019/ in blend with png textures pls
  2. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/audi-r8-v10-coupe-with-hq-interior-2019 / blend or fbx with png textures
  3. FBX then, but PLS MAKE SURE IT'S NOT TINY in FBX format with PNG textures pls
  4. https://gamemodels.ru/files/file/11704-audi-r8-21/ real dimensions and png textures pls
  5. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/audi-r8-v10-coupe-with-hq-interior-2019 / blend format would be even better
  6. In that case here it is: https://hum3d.com/3d-models/audi-r8-v10-coupe-with-hq-interior-2019/ If it could be in blend or fbx format that would be great
  7. 2019 Audi R8 V10 Performance quattro (coupé, not spyder) with highpoly interior
  8. OPShredder

    Opel Kadett A '63

    Ah yes, OLIVER.
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