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  1. I have also been looking for models from Dirt5. I need them pretty bad and im willing to PAY to get them converted to obj and be ready to use.
  2. https://www.gtagaming.com/files/27224/1397042982_utvm_xvs_atv_reflex.rar Hello! This model is from mx vs atv reflex, i need the model and this is the only place where i could find it. Sadly i cant figure out how to convert it. Would appreciate of any of you could do it for me.
  3. Hello! i hope everyone is having a good day. I got a model in a z3d file format and i need to open it in blender. sadly i dont have a Zmodeler license so i cant export it. so if anyone is able to convert this file to a .obj format i would hugely appreciate it. Thanks! https://www.mediafire.com/file/n7gaog7xz6kxtto/Sin.z3d/file
  4. Im just wondering, ive seen some forza horizon 4 3d models on this site, but i havent seen this one. Is it posible for anybody to extract it? Thank you!
  5. Good day everyone! I got some models from gta, i need them in an obj format and png for the textures. Thank you! https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-san-andreas/cars/74564-chevrolet-silverado-ck-1500-from-colin-mcrae-rally-dirt-2.html https://www.gtagaming.com/dodge-power-wagon-stock-baja-version-dirt2-f17540.html Password is F150 https://www.mediafire.com/file/drsbyuenx364lvo/Ford+F150+Trophy+Truck.rar/file https://www.gtaall.com/gta-4/cars/65911-karin-ensenada.html If you cant do it, its perfectly fine, i just need them for a project im working on. Either way thanks!
  6. Hey! I was wondering if you could convert this model for me! I need it in a .obj and .png textures. https://gamemodding.com/es/gta-san-andreas/cars/12779-honda-ridgeline-baja.html I appreciate it!!!
  7. Hope everyone has a good day! Anybody knows about, or has, models from Baja Edge of Control? Thank you!!
  8. Im sorry, the password for the ford is ( F150 ) And thank you for the ram and chevy!
  9. Good day everyone! Ive seen people wanting mainly forza models, butbi got some GTA SA mods that i would love to convert to .OBJ https://www.mediafire.com/file/drsbyuenx364lvo/Ford_F150_Trophy_Truck.rar/file https://www.gtagaming.com/files/17062/1348403378_dodge_ram_trophy_truck_di_rt2.rar https://gamemodding.com/es/getmod-221505 And i also found a really cool toyota offroad truck for GTA IV, this one isnt a huge priority and if its too difficult to convert you dont have to do it, ill be more than happy with the San Andreas trucks. https://www.gtagaming.com/files/32620/1439044678_karin_ensenada.rar Either way, thank you guys for all the help that you offer, have a good day!
  10. Yeah, ive seen it. It definitely still works for what i want to try to do!
  11. Could you get the toyota stadium truck? And dont worry about the dirt2 models, theres no real rush. Thanks for the helping hand!
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