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  1. dr. doofenshmirtz as a car
  2. Which one do you prefer? I personally like the supercharger whine because you hear when you're on the gas, therefore you can hear it longer.
  3. This car has a face not even a mother could love XD
  4. Alrighty then, guess I better get started! UPDATE: Most of the Blender materials are done for some renderings I plan to do, when the renderings are done I'll post them to the gallery so everyone can see them. I've also split the door parts off the main body because there wasn't Forzavista at the time so the doors didn't open so there were no door sills. Lastly, I've got some textures on the parts that need textures. That's all for right now, I'll keep everyone up to speed (no pun intended) on the Murcielago. UPDATE 2: I have all of the exterior materials and textures done, I've correctly placed the wheels and brake components into the right places, and I've made a render to show some progress. Image here because the file is too big: https://imgur.com/gallery/qBVz0FK UPDATE 3: Sadly I accidentally closed out of Blender and I can't recover the file, so now I have to start back on square 1. I'm going to hope that I don't close out of Blender this time. UPDATE 3.5: I was able to recover the file and I'm right back where I was when I closed it! I'm so glad Blender has an autosave feature, that was a huge time saver.
  5. I'm taking the 2005 Murcielago model from Forza Motorsport 4 as a base to modify, I'm going to make the engine bay more detailed, I'm going to add doors that can open, and overall just make the model more detailed. I want to post it but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it since the base model is already on the site, also I don't have the model finished so it will probably take a while because I'm not skilled at 3D modeling. So can I post it or not?
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