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  1. I have temporarily deactivated all previously posted links. The reason is that I updated all the archives by removing the .max files from there. All these models will be available in the main database of the site soon, but if you urgently need any of them, you can contact me in private messages.
  2. @aderarid Hi, just download this and install: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109
  3. @RandomGuyLookingFoRModels I will post all models from RR3 soon, BT62 will be also posted. Now I'm preparing them.
  4. Dear users! If any of you use any translators (be it online page translators or browser plugins) - use them with care: they may affect the topic title! This is not the first time I see that someone renames the name of this topic (most likely by accident) from the correct language (English) to the wrong one (Russian) and this is applied globally for all users, and this is unacceptable. If you see that the topic title has been renamed to this: Please let me know and I will fix it.
  5. @raven54 Some users are requesting mods from regular AC
  6. @raven54 Many users get confused between regular Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione.
  7. @b4tm4n for what you are quoted my message? it works like a mention. I don't process any requests. @FIROZ Please turn off your Caps Lock button. Even if someone have this model, that doesn't mean that this user will want to share it.
  8. @legende973 You can also download these models from our catalog: https://gamemodels.ru/files/category/1175-assetto-corsa-competizione/
  9. @legende973 What kind of a way you want to get? The manual of how to unpack the game and extract the assets is posted before. The manual of how to get a Unreal Engine version which was used to built a game is posted before.
  10. @LSxSEPTIC Thank you, this user was banned. ------------- I remind everyone: first use the search, then make a request! If your request contains at least one model that was previously requested, your ENTIRE request will be ignored. If you are sent to search - this is not an "attack" or "insult", this is a request to follow the rules. And there is no need to arrange a verbal skirmish here - by doing this you only increase the risk of being banned or transferred to read-only mode.
  11. @kelvin You can use 3ds Max or Blender, I think these tools are more usable than 3DSimED.
  12. @that_sportagegt Tell me please, is this a request thread from Hum3D? It seems to me that no.
  13. @bodgybro This collection doesn't have many new models, and it never will be updated, because it impossile. So it's not always the right advice.
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