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  1. @warbook1987 Can I see the proper font size in your message first? R/O mode for one week.
  2. @domingos silva Be patient. This process is not automatic, and we are also people, and we cannot process applications instantly. And one more thing: once again I see a huge font in the messages - you will receive a punishment.
  3. @ploopy Or here: https://mega.nz/file/UG5lARaI#SI0XcEG-qC7gnrDjrPkdMsQyHDd1bP1rbJzQUGA15x8 Archive password: maxcrack Contains all cracked No-NLM .exe files for 3ds Max 2023 versions.
  4. I think it would be better to redirect that request to @DMN
  5. Posting models on the forum in batches is a bad idea. If you want to replenish the library - send models to the site catalog, and then we will figure it out. Detailed instructions on how to do this: Guidelines for adding files to the site
  6. @cheesetroyer now your member group is "Subscriber" so you should have access to the premium section
  7. @roblox no need to send to us the models, extracted using tools like 3D Ripper DX, Ninja Ripper, etc.
  8. @roblox I found only tool for... archives? (.ark files) here and a bms script to work with textures here. No information about .model file structure, no ready-to-use scripts/tools or I searched them badly.
  9. @RadaLive try pirated version (can be found on torrent trackers) or steam version. my friend can rip the showroom from forza, so it's possible. it's all I know.
  10. @RadaLive you should have an installed game which you can launch
  11. @RadaLive through Ninja Ripper 2.0.12 and newer
  12. @volksportgti A few pages ago, I allowed such requests to be posted. The ban is no more.
  13. @Warrens Model Room At this moment I'm working on another software and preparing all car models from that game. The files are not encrypted yet, but there's a difference between .sgb format initially used in nfs shift and .sgb64 format used in project cars series. All readers and plugins were designed for nfs shift format. I've also found a format definition, but there's also for .sgb, and some information are not applicable to .sgb64.
  14. @stepanov2016 Нет, так сделать нельзя.
  15. @denyit You and other guys can post them if you want, but as far as I know, currently ripping models is impossible due to improved encryption on sketchfab's side, so I know only one way: using Ninja Ripper 2.x.
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