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  1. !!! STOP CREATING TOPICS FOR SEPARATED REQUESTS - IT WON'T BE APPROVED !!! The main topic for searching and/or requesting anything is available via this link: Searching for 3D Models: Main topic Use that if you can't find a specified topic for your request! All your newly created topics should be approved, so only we are (administration) can view them. And we will never approve topics like "im looking for %CAR NAME%".
  2. Applying the TurboSmooth modifier in 3ds Max to the entire model has become an impossible task? It's as simple as it seemed to me. Honestly, I never cease to be amazed at people who are waiting for a 100% finished product, not wanting to work on their own.
  3. @skip7878 аккаунты переносятся вручную, это может делать только @DMN. Обычно от нескольких часов до нескольких дней. Не забывай - сейчас (на момент написания) вечер воскресенья, а мы тоже люди... Я передам, конечно, но примерные временные рамки я обозначил. Я же надеюсь, ты отправил в личку ему информацию по донату? А то как мы будем выяснять, какой платеж от кого?
  4. @evan mark yang hebat dari yes, it's assetto corsa content manager - an unofficial but very powerful launcher. You can get it here: https://acstuff.ru/app/
  5. @102creative is that forza motorsport 3 request topic? I don't think so.
  6. And what? I'm russian too, do you have any negative words?
  7. @etogeor На сайте, который ты написал, нет 3D-модели. Здесь стол заказов из 3D-конфигураторов. @superacelll This site requires login and password.
  8. @vx110 can you please send me a fbx file with textures in dds? I can try to make a material you need. And tell me please which version of 3ds Max you use, it needed to properly save the scene file.
  9. @vx110 Then I don't know. It might be a custom or game-specific slot. "Decal" might be a in-game shader name. As I understood correctly, "T1" and "T2" is a texture slots? If yes, just try to look which textures is used - it might be a combination of diffuse and opacity maps, or something like that. 3DSimED is a very strange thing, it developed as a separate 3D editor, so I can't understand some things in it. I work only in 3ds Max. Can you post a screenshot from 3DSimED with that? P.S.: to make a mention, just press a "@" button after the post text.
  10. @checking if model is legal No, sorry, because the developers of that game are from the same country as us (Russia). I don't want to get a lawsuit - I have a bad experience when I trying to sell the model from carx2... Maybe some guys from other countries (where russian laws are not work) can do it for you, I don't know.
  11. @vx110 Hi! I think the problem is in UV channels. Each slot might be linked with separate UV channel with different mapping on each of them. OBJ format is support only one UV channel, and most new games are using multi-channel structure. Try to export to FBX format - it supports multiple UV channels. It's just a guess - please check it out and leave a reply here.
  12. @raven54 This mod is encrypted, so no way to get it.
  13. @lumenh Please wait for it. We can't process each donation immediately. And unfortunately we can't process them automatically - each donation should be verified and approved by our administrator, DMN. Only DMN has access to user groups and can move you. Just relax, dude. We are working in GMT+3 time zone. Do you really think that he works at night? I think that after 8 or 9 hours he can reply to you here and move you to the group you need.
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