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  1. @gustavo cesar ricci I posted this tool a long time ago OOPS... I need to update this version to the actual...
  2. Guys please don't talk here. This thread is only for requests. If you want to discuss something - you can do it in this branch: https://gamemodels.ru/forum/13-talking-about-everything/
  3. I've download this R33 for myself. It have high poly version, check the screenshots below: Maybe you want to get R33 from Gran Turismo Sport, not Gran Turismo 6? If yes, it's impossible now.
  4. @pentaura Did you try to search first? Touring Car is now absent, we're wait where someone upload it.
  5. @alanemmerich Why are you creating a separate thread? Did you try to search a specified thread first? Ask here: Closed (Duplicate of #1310). +50 permanent warning points added. How tired I'm of stupid beginners who don’t know what Search is ...
  6. @Styro8 If you want to publish your game in world-wide stores such as Steam - No, you can't use these models 'cause their authors can report you. If you want to make the game for myself and your friends, or make a unofficial online server for exisiting game (such as servers in gta sa or gta5) - yes, you can these models.
  7. @mitsuja this thread is only for requests from desirefx.com and desirefx.me. Please don't spam here.
  8. @CoCo4Life Why you create a separate thread for you request? Did you try to search the specicfied thread for requests? Or you think if you create a separate thread, you'll get the model faster? If you think so, I should have to disappoint you. Please, repeat your request here: And wait. Or try to search on desirefx sites and if you found your car here - ask: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/
  9. @Apex Your uploaded files has been approved.
  10. @MetropolitanMods Try to ask here: Closed.
  11. @Lynxkenny Ask here, please: No need to create a sepearate thread. Closed.
  12. @BeeZio Did you to search a specified thread? Ask here, please: Closed.
  13. @legende973 Thank you! I hope this key help someone who wants to extract the data from this game.
  14. If you have this - yes, you can upload it. But if you want to request this car - just wait, maybe someone upload it.
  15. @TravisNyitrai Did you try a search for the specified thread first? Closed (Duplicate of #1542)
  16. @ronin3dstdu The model you want to get is a custom-made modification for Assetto Corsa. GameModels doesn't publish a custom mods for games made by users. We publish only original models from various games. If you want to get this mod - read the video description. You should find a URL to the mod author's site. Thread is closed.
  17. Holy sh*t!!! You did it! Big thanks @bodgybro You're great!
  18. This file is not a free. DesireFX wants $15 for it. Also if you have a premium membership. I really want this model too, but nobody wants buy and release it here
  19. @roblox We can't check all the requests. Everyone of us doesn't have a enough time to do it. And last: write this into DM in the future.
  20. Hi! Please, ask in the special thread (frame below), don't create a separate thread.
  21. @cacrspottergirona ¡Hola! No admitimos la publicación de modificaciones personalizadas como archivos listos para instalar. Aquí solo se publican los archivos originales de los juegos. Los usuarios pueden mostrar el progreso o los resultados de su trabajo, el resto es estrictamente de acuerdo con su deseo. En la sección "Descargas" nunca ha habido y nunca habrá modificaciones para el usuario. Perdón por los errores en el texto, escribí este texto a través del traductor de Google.
  22. Hi. All models from Gran Turismo 6 or "Sport" from this site is available in OBJ format. Use 3ds Max to import them, then Google the tutorial "how to convert a car model to Assetto Corsa". You can also obtain a some tutorials from your game copy (if you buy it in Steam). Just open the game directory and search for "sdk" directory.
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