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  1. @mohammadparsaie ask in this thread: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1755-various-configurators-models-requests/
  2. @.CSB Can you make a modified version of this: https://gamemodels.ru/files/file/7445-porsche-911-gt3-18/ I see you made the modified version of 911 GT3 RS, but this one does not have weisscah package and textures are different.
  3. Or maybe you'd better shut up? He is right, unlike you, who does not read the rules and orders models from those sites from which this cannot be done.
  4. @qq961617772 You need to wait for @DMN 's answer. I don't have an access to financial part of the site. It can take a long time.
  5. @Apex Everything is somewhat different there. The activator itself, the "xf-adsk...exe" file, is just a launcher, which contains another exe file inside itself, which, in fact, is a patcher (you can find out using the Detect It Easy program). It reads the memory of the process that is responsible for activation, and with the help of C++ functions such as "ReadProcessMemory" and "WriteProcessMemory" it simply overwrites one of the checks, changing it to bytes 0x90 (if I remember correctly, this is so-called NOP instruction). The files of the program and its components themselves remain intact. The bottom line is that if you erase such a check, then activation will take place with any pair of the form "serial number-product key-request key-response key". This is the same as if you take any function, and instead of constructs like "switch...case" or "if...else" just add "return true". Perhaps this can be applied in advance by patching the required file, but for this you need to know the pattern for finding and replacing, but this is half the task. Let's say we have a serial number, a product key, and a request key, how do we create a response key? We need an algorithm, but there is no information on it. If there is a person who will perform an engineering analysis of the activator code and write an algorithm for its operation, that will be great. But I doubt that anyone will undertake this, at least for free.
  6. Wow, it's not that I didn't know, I couldn't even imagine that... thanks for opening my eyes. How many games are familiar to me, from which I pulled out and published models here, Lord... And after all, often the same car model in different games is made completely differently precisely in terms of geometry, as if they were made not by one company, but by freelancers with different levels of experience and attitude to work! Now a lot is being clarified. I wonder how the guys in my conference in one of the social networks will react to this news...
  7. Damn... I was hoping it was just a bug when reading or exporting the model through AssetStudio, but no ... Problems with chamfers and so-called "floating geometry" are visible even in the game itself... I doubt that this is happens due to an error in the export script in Unity... It looks like they are doing something with the models (maybe not on purpose), which gives a similar result... Fuck. Is it really that bad with the control of the produced material and testing? And these weird rough textures where they shouldn't be. Too strong shadows along the contours on the badge (it seems to be caused by the incorrect shape of the icon itself when creating the AO map)... This badge looks like I'm looking at a custom modification for GTA SA of the most shitty quality, assembled as quickly as possible, not paying attention to any what. It is not surprising, because a lot of cars in this game are nothing more than slightly altered models from Forza (Motorsport / Horizon). Somewhere they change the type of mesh smoothing (from quad chamfers to weighted normals), in some places they reduce the number of polygons, and at the same time, for some reason, sometimes they change the geometry so that it does not fit with the photographs in some places, if you set the model through the Camera Match tool. The question is, how do they get the models themselves: do they buy them officially, with a license, or do they just pull them out of the game (or maybe even download them from this site)? I am inclined towards the latter option.
  8. @Apex I had an idea to create a so-called "RePack" of 3ds Max of the version that I personally use most often (this is the 2015 version). This has benefited in many ways, both for me and for other people, because: I would brush up on my knowledge of working with Inno Setup and FreeArc I'm sure that I could reconfigure the installer so that the entire installation process was as transparent as possible, and the uninstallation process did not leave any traces behind Possibly something else But the main problem here is the activation of the program. What is the point of creating a custom version if it will still require activation and the method of its implementation will remain the same? Until now, there are a lot of people who can't read the instructions in English (for those who don't have this language) and don't understand what to do with the program for generating a key - how to use it. Of course, it would be possible to create a certain macro that would simply launch programs, enter the necessary data, etc., but this is not an integrated approach to solving the problem, but just a visual crutch, similar to how you would connect to everyone, who is trying to activate through the TeamViewer and would do it on their own. In addition, there are quite a few countries where, for the built-in algorithm for automatic activation and bypassing the license, such a version can, at best, be blocked for downloading, or even something worse. Again, if it's in demand, I can try to do it in my free time, because I like this.
  9. @E1_PrivateTrainer Wrong thread. 1. Go to https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/ 2. Read all the "recommended" messages at the top 3. Try to search your model (use as keywords parts of the URL, for example, "ford-f150") 4. Only if you tried to search multiple times with different keywords and no matches given, post your request and wait for answer.
  10. @MiniTurd Please do not tag the administration or the author of this thread when writing your requests. Just wait for someone else to answer you if they want to help. The first time I give you a verbal warning, the next one will be written to your account. Please note that the first message does not say that the creator of the branch has certain models or can help with the search. Likewise in my case. Have you tried looking for the model you need, for example, here: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1364-hum3d-models-collection/? If it is not there, then go to this thread: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/ Be sure to read all the "recommended" messages there, and only then start searching for the model you need. For some reason I am sure that at least one coincidence, let it be.
  11. @"Lucas Do not try to attract attention to yourself by forcing your own request - they will not fulfill it faster because of this. But the chance to get ignored in your address is greatly increased. If you can't wait, that's your problem.
  12. @LamboMantisMan23 Actually, I think you are right. @.CSB I understood you. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. @.CSB By glued, I mean when one texture, for example, Badge, is not divided into Diffuse, Material and Normal maps (if we take into account the original division), but rendered into a single map - where both the normal and the alpha channel have already been applied, added reflections, roughness, etc. As in old games like NFS from 2003-2008 (if you want, I can send you examples). Because those who do not work with PBR, and use these models in games with DirectX 9, often simply take the Diffuse map "as is" and put it on the material, and then they do not understand why the result looks like shit, and they are mistakenly blamed for this to everyone except myself. I tried to record a video tutorial a couple of years ago, which showed how to superimpose different layers on top of each other and save them into a single texture, but, unfortunately, this is not a universal method - somewhere the result was acceptable, somewhere additional editing was required , and in some cases it only harmed the texture, and besides that, most of what was used there was outdated already even for me, not to mention anyone else. Of course, those who prepare models in 3ds Max 2021 may not worry about this - PBR materials there, unfortunately, are included by default (and this is the main reason why I hate this version), but, let's say, more highly specialized programs before so far they cannot even display the normal map correctly - they make the effect of damaged normals or change the color of the vertices to black.
  14. @.CSB It seems to me that he means that he cannot find the "classic", not divided into PBR maps texture of the body livery. By the way, how about adding correctly "glued" texture maps? At least for Elite Tuners and/or Modified+ versions. I think that many of those who use your work in games where physical rendering is not supported (for example, I know many who use your models in GTA SA), will say "thank you" for this (it is a pity that there is no more whether you have to count).
  15. Additional components when installing 3ds Max: what are they, why are they needed and can they be removed? NOTE: This is a translation of my article in Russian, available here: https://vk.com/@frskcstms-3dsmax-additional-components In this article, I want to talk about additional components that are installed along with 3ds Max (most often without your knowledge) and take up a lot of space on your HDD / SSD, but their presence is not always necessary. DISCLAIMER #1: All tests were conducted on 3ds Max versions 2015 and 2020. Some information is taken from open sources and paraphrased. The author of this article doesn't bear any responsibility for possible inoperability that arose after the installation / removal of a particular component - all actions you do at your own peril and risk. DISCLAIMER #2: This article periodically discusses the use of unlicensed versions of Autodesk products. The author doesn't welcome such behavior and advises (but doesn't force), nevertheless, to acquire licenses legally. Especially in cases of commercial use. So, what are the components we install? Let's start with a component that is present in almost all versions of 3ds Max, but few people know why it is actually needed. The following 3 components can be conditionally linked together, because their purpose is almost the same - to provide the user of one Autodesk program with the ability to open files in another and work with them. The whole "trinity" can be safely removed or not installed. Next we have real "eaters" of free space, dividing into the number of components from 3 to 5-7, depending on the version of 3ds Max. The next category is rendering systems. Many of you have heard of programs such as V-Ray or Corona Renderer. So, this is the same thing, the only difference is that the above programs are paid and refer to 3ds Max only indirectly, and the following ones are installed with it by default, while most are simply not needed, since usually either the standard Scanline Renderer system is used, or the aforementioned V-Ray, Corona, etc. are installed immediately. The penultimate part of our "exposure" is a small "tinsel". Usually it's left for last, but not in this case. And finally, I'll tell you about a component that many lovers of pirated versions of relatively new versions of Autodesk products hated. Remembering Disclaimer #2 at the beginning of the article, I repeat that, of course, it is better to buy licenses, but not everyone does it. I won't describe the possible reasons why they aren't bought, but I'll write how to get rid of this annoying component. There are several methods, I suggest the most effective. Thank you for reading this article to the end. I hope you found it helpful.
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