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  1. @Teslly you should get a permission from model author in this case. we all should respect the other people work.
  2. Please post your request here: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/30-request-to-convert-models-formats/ No need to create a separate thread for the request.
  3. @corvette663 a little bit later. At the moment, other tasks are a priority. I will write - either here, or in private messages, when I can do this.
  4. @bloxbloger777 please don't bump your requests, just wait. We can't process it immidiately.
  5. ATTENTION TO ALL VISITORS TO THIS TOPIC! This topic will be TEMPORARILY closed starting September 13, 2021. Reason: collecting links for downloading models and checking the availability of files for them (I will download all files), cleaning from spam and posts with repeated requests or violating the rules. I can't announce the opening date yet - it depends on how quickly all the work will be completed. But it will definitely be open. I ask everyone who posted links to download files not to delete the links and/or files they point to. If you don't have enough space on your cloud storages and you want to clean them up in the near future by deleting the models that you posted here - let me know in advance so that I can download and upload them to my accounts. Trust me, this is for your own good. It will be easier for you in the future. Thank you.
  6. @RedMount what format you need? which LODs should be included in converted file? Do you need the textures, and if yes, in which format? Please provide a bit more information.
  7. @juanma_16 it can be extracted partially. Skeletal mesh such as tires, and some cockpit parts (like wipers and may be some more) can not be imported at this moment - I think because the meb file format has been updated and some values stored as floating point numbers instead of unsigned integers, and the script can not read them properly. But I don't know about the rest part of the file. ZModeler, 3DSimED also can't import these parts. If you want to use self-extracted cars - I can send them to you via private messages later.
  8. @broadspeed first ask permission from the authors of this modification. Otherwise, it will be considered a request to publicly steal someone else's work, and here it is prohibited.
  9. @Chinzo23 You will be hysterical in another place, but here behave calmly. Here, no one owes anything to anyone and does not owe anything. All people on this forum who help someone do it strictly voluntarily, on their pure enthusiasm and exclusively in their free time from work and other matters. It has always been so, it is now, and it will be so in the future. If you imagined yourself to be a king and a god, and decided that for your sake other people should give up everything, forget about everything and everyone except you, and immediately start fulfilling your requests, you are greatly mistaken. Personally, after such words, I would send you to hell and block you absolutely everywhere (in principle, which I most likely will do). You openly admit that you littered our database with your several accounts under different names, requested models here, and now you are indignant that, it turns out, they did not pay attention to you. Multi-account has always been prohibited here, and will be prohibited. So fuck you, asshole, and remember: I will try to make sure that none of your requests are fulfilled. You did not deserve this with your behavior, and I will not select a clear speech for you, I will say "as is" - rude and clear. And if I ever see you and your requests here, I will ban you without delay. Fuck you from here, I kick you in the ass with great pleasure.
  10. Once again, I remind you all to use Topic Search before posting your request! Instructions for those who, for some reason, can't do this, are posted here: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1310-desirefx/?do=findComment&comment=11441 Please don't paste the entire URL in search box, instead use parts of it - for example, the phrases "audi-s6", "defender-110", "alpina-b7" and the like. If the model you're looking for has been ordered several times, but has never been published, then there is a reason for this. There is no need to re-order it - if at least one repeated link is found in your post, then ALL your post will be ignored and, most likely, hidden/deleted. All of the above applies to both newbies and long-time visitors to the site. Don't be surprised if "suddenly" your post disappears - most likely, there were reasons for hiding/deleting it, and most likely the reason is your inattention and unwillingness to use the search. Let's follow the rules and not provoke conflict situations. Thanks.
  11. @Nimit Wrong thread. For conversion requests, please write in this thread: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/30-request-to-convert-models-formats/
  12. You can make a request of the car you need in this topic: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/920-drift-spirits-models-request/ Closed.
  13. @Jaw stop posting repeated requests! use search!
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