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  1. @extrememodder what page? can you post it here? if it does not fall under the internal rules of forbidden links, then I will leave it here, otherwise I will delete it.
  2. @extrememodder just upload all of them into one directory and then share it here with list of map names instead of sharing each map separatel
  3. @omer alaa Contact the author of this modification and ask him for permission to use his work for your own purposes. Only if you get his official permission - you can publish like that. Or just ask him for the original scene with the model. We are here against the theft of other people's modifications.
  4. @rajats212 quick looking does not have any results. Special software is still needed, but I don't have it. And I don't want to study this format and write a parser, it's not interested by me. Sorry.
  5. @andrewcowboy87 Wrong thread. Try to post your request here: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/40-searching-for-3d-models-main-topic/
  6. @rajats212 I don't know. Maybe, if I have time and don't be so lazy.
  7. I'm afraid this will never happen. There is one fool for every smart person. There is one newbie for each experienced person, etc. And it's good if there is only one. In other topics, the situation is slightly better, but in general - it is exactly the same. Apparently, now is the time - no one wants to waste time looking for the necessary information. And there is no solution here.
  8. @polos08 If this is a custom modification, then contact its author and ask for a model. We are here against publishing mods without the permission of their authors.
  9. Try to find in these folder: https://www.mediafire.com/?q7kqxycq8yc5i Thanks to GM25 for models.
  10. @gxd4 Try to use "Reg Organizer" instead of "Registry search and delete 2.0".
  11. @bayWorks You know how to use search? Or too lazy to spend 5 minutes looking for the right material? Everything has been written for a long time. Here you are: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1955-how-do-i-get-the-tires-from-forza-horizion-4-for-any-cars/ https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1362-fixing-the-wheel-scaling-in-new-forza-games/
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