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  1. @bodgybro cloud.mail.ru is not a bad host. Yes, it is most likely not on the list above, but I personally used it for a while. It's just another Russian cloud service. I will update the list of hosts now.
  2. @roblox yes, of course. You don't need to ask this, just take it and do it) The main thing is to arrange it correctly.
  3. @Martijn posting any models from Sketchfab are strictly prohibited here.
  4. @ist Ask the author of this modification for permission to use his work (this model). Perhaps he will share the source files with you, or tell you where he got the original model. Your current request is a request to steal someone else's work. Do you seriously think that someone will publicly do this?
  5. @Ek_Anjana For Turbosquid / CGTrader / Hum3D / Squir / etc. requests please go to this thread: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/40-searching-for-3d-models-main-topic/ For models from Web configurators (like official sites of the car manufacturer) you can post requests here. Requesting any models from Sketchfab are strictly prohibited. They have already introduced a new format for models, and retrieving them has become more difficult, and they seem to be tracking (now) the progress of the community in circumventing their defenses. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Sketchfab to become Turbosquid, I don’t want to give $ 129/169/199 (or more) for models. Some models from ArtStation (which uses Sketchfab as a storage) also cannot be requested. End of conversation.
  6. @Ek_Anjana There are two different websites, but the model on them is the same. therefore it is considered a re-request.
  7. @hitman I think you should read how search engines work in general. How are certain phrases, keywords, special characters, etc. processed? It should also be added here that the implementation of search engines by giants (for example, Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.) and CMS developers for websites has enough differences. The same Google, most likely, would have found matches, but the internal search system would not. That's it, we end our conversations here. Here, after all, a table of orders, not a discussion.
  8. @Maverick No, It is Immpossible. This site uses interactive 3D streaming technology. We (users), in fact, are shown a video stream, and already in the cloud, an application is launched there to show the model. Without knowing the address of the server and the data to access it, it is not possible to download any data from there (even web pages or error messages). 3D rippers (Ninja Ripper, 3D Ripper DX, RenderDoc) are just as powerless here as there is no 3D model on the screen. The maximum that you can try to intercept is an audio/video stream, but it will make no more sense than if you download a video from a video hosting site, where someone will show 3D models.
  9. @Sentral14 to create custom mods it is best to search the forums for the game in question.
  10. @hitman your previous post was deleted because it violated a rule. You, apparently, think that everything is allowed to you, and therefore you publish it again. And how many times do we have to delete your posts so that you can finally learn how to read the rules and use the search? The search engine here doesn't understand the entire URL, so it's silly to just paste the page address in there and hope for a miracle. Or do you think that we will spend our time especially for you and re-publish those models, links to which you leave here, simply because you are too lazy to find them? I just found this model in this thread. It took me 10 seconds. Find it and you. Instructions on how to properly use the search on a topic are among the recommended posts at the very top. And there is no need to refer to the fact that you are a beginner. Being a newbie doesn't mean "have all kinds of privileges." P.S.: search keyword: "gt2-rs".
  11. EN: I am looking for a moderator for a Discord bot that will be on the official server. This bot will work with links to models, and it has its own database that needs to be populated. Since I do not have enough time to keep track of all the necessary topics on the forum and promptly update the database, I need a separate person who will be ready to do this. No special knowledge and skills are required for this, but if you have them, that's great. The bottom line is this: you will need to monitor the arrival of models in the specified topics on the forum, and then through a special web page on my server, created specifically for the bot, enter the data into the database. Each archive will need to be downloaded to find out the exact file size. I am waiting for everyone in private messages. RU: Я в поисках модератора для Discord-бота, который будет на официальном сервере. Данный бот будет работать с ссылками на модели, и у него есть собственная база данных, которую необходимо наполнять. Поскольку у меня нет достаточного количества времени для того, чтобы отслеживать все необходимые топики на форуме и оперативно обновлять базу данных, мне нужен отдельный человек, кто будет готов этим заниматься. Никаких специальных знаний и навыков для этого не потребуется, но если они у вас есть - это прекрасно. Суть в чем: вам необходимо будет следить за поступлением моделей в указанных топиках на форуме, а затем через специальную веб-страницу на моем сервере, созданном специально для бота, заносить данные в базу данных. Каждый архив необходимо будет скачивать, чтобы узнать точный размер файла. Всех желающих жду в личных сообщениях.
  12. @MrJr which Discord server are you talking about? Can you send me an invite link in private messages, please?
  13. This topic is only for ordering models from Gran Tursimo 4! To order models from other parts of this series, use the following topics: Gran Turismo 6: https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1290-gran-turismo-6-models-requests/ Gran Turismo Sport: https://gamemodels.com/topic/1132-gran-turismo-sport-models-requests/ If the part of the game you need is not among the above, create a topic for finding models from this game in this section: https://gamemodels.ru/forum/7-request-searching-of-3d-models/
  14. @Superdan only if the author of 3DSimED adds such a feature to the plugin for FH4. You can try contacting him if you want.
  15. At the moment I cannot extract the models listed below from the game, as they are encrypted.
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