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  1. Long shot, but if anyone has the GT6 Chaparral 2D, that would be very much appreciated - thanks
  2. Hello all, recently discovered mods for AC and this site is a treasurecove of potential time sinks. I understand that no Aston Martin models are able to be uploaded to the site, which makes complete sense, but I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me, via PM, to get ahold of files for the DB4 Zagato from FM7? I'm happy to buy a copy of the game if it's as simple as going rooting through the files for it, but I've not worked with raw FM files before so not sure how to obtain the carbin/swatchbin files. I know that might be a tall ask, especially for a first post, but if anyone would be able to help me via PM that would be very much appreciated.
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