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  1. attempted to open this model with the 3DSimed 3.1 program, even found a youtube video to setup a game directory, Downloaded the _library files as shown in the video to make it work. I keep getting the following error when trying to import it...
  2. attemping to get this model to load into Forza4Studio. Keep getting the following error and failed import. I was wondering if this could be flixed as soon as possible. thank you so very much in advance for all of your amazing models and sharing them with us here in this community. BTW I downloaded the file from the gamersmod link. If there is something I might have done wrong or using the wrong version of anything please let me know.
  3. Happy New year to you all and may this year be far better then the last, We all have suffered through one ot most difficult years in a Very long time.. I wish you all the best of health and prosperity
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