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  1. ACTC Argentina Turismo Carretera A.C.T.C Racing Lite - 13 tracks
  2. I have ripped several maps. Some need too much work to get useable tracks. Use Assetstudio I have put the FR Legends Irwindale track, GTA Liberty City, and many other maps/tracks into Assetto Corsa.
  3. here are 2 cars I pulled from the demo: they are in Assetto Corsa .kn5 format so use 3dSimed https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/attachments/aor_fordrs200-zip.978692/ https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/attachments/aor_metro64-zip.978693/
  4. If you can see, I do ripping myself, the links I provided are my rips. Maybe you should check your own ego before opening such a stupid mouth.
  5. Please when ripping content cars... extract the tracks also. It is great to put some elusive and famous tracks and cityscapes for racing games like Assetto Corsa Merry Christmas
  6. Mobile Game asset extract First batch: (fbx) Hashiriya Drifter (all cars) CSR Racing (458, agera, csl, ccx, fr500, viper) Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars - cars Driftmax2 - (CRX&SLS) Drift Wars - cars Minitracks (Kuro cars)
  7. I have many archives of fbx/obj/textures of games I have dumped. Is there a section here to upload or link to these? For example cars from: Hashiriya Drifter, CSR, Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars, etc?
  8. Maybe its best to get the tracks from another Forza titles. I wish to convert for Assetto Corsa
  9. Perhaps the entire map is too big? If you can export sections it could be ok... unless the entire map is reasonable size. My goal was for Assetto conversion.
  10. I am more interested in the tracks... can someone dump tracks? Prefer .fbx
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