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  1. I mean for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWNAp7mpFdc And the link in question is this: https://uploadhaven.com/download/2f9cd5462eb07eba8135e5dda8b560d6
  2. Ok, thanks. EDIT: Just tried it, it says Error: Hotlink Protection Active. Download from original site.
  3. Ok, thanks. Is there anything else I need to know from the video? I don't know Spanish, but I assume you do, I think I've seen the language the quotes are when you quote me being in Spanish, but I don't know. Also, looking up Daemon Tools, it appears to say it contains a virus that is very hard to get rid of, that is part of the Free Version. If this is the case, do you know of any other software I can use? And, is it possible to export out the textures and UVs properly? If so, how?
  4. Ah, of course, the link doesn't work for me. (Blocked probably, anything with a shortened URL).
  5. Thanks. Yeah, I don't speak Spanish, or understand it, but I might be able to figure it out. Thanks.
  6. Ah, ok. And with that the possibility of viruses is introduced, I'm guessing. : / . Do you know of any safe cracks?
  7. Ah, that's what I thought. Are the texture files like that for you, and the UVs? I was thinking, I might just get the game on Steam, I think it's available there. Even though I already have it, but oh well. It'll probably look nicer though, too, since it's not being run on an emulator that emulates a Wii.
  8. Also, do you know of any working tutorials for 3DSimed on how to reset the license?
  9. No that's ok, I didn't realize you could reset the license. Thanks so much for all your help, and putting up with me, lol. Thanks! Ok, I also just looked at the obj, it appears it has all the textures, but they're all black. I wonder if there's a way to extract them. Yeah, and the UV's are all crazy. Hopefully there's a way to fix that, I don't know. Yeah, and I don't seem to see any file that can be opened within 3DSimed for DiRT 2, I guess the Wii version was super different : / . So I guess I'll have to find the PC files or something, I don't know.
  10. Wow. That's it, thanks so much! That's amazing. All I really, truly wanted was the camper. The textures I already have since Dolphin Emulator can have custom textures and you can dump all the textures to a folder, I remember seeing camper ones. This is super cool though. All the files for me are .cog, .gog, .eng, and .kol files, as far as I can remember. I don't know how to open them or extract anything from them though, and they seem to be different from the PC Version. Maybe, hopefully, there is a way to extract these files, but I don't know. Looking them up doesn't really seem to come up with anything related. Do you know of any free alternatives to 3dsimed that could do this? And, if so, if it's at all possible, could you possibly, if all the 3d model files are in one folder or something, just possibly send a link to download the entire folder? I'd hate to have to ask you to go through each track and export each one, but maybe rather learn how to do it and possibly do it for myself. And, for now, is there a way I can download that camper model? Also, it's interesting, looking up the .PSSG File Format, it seems to only be associated with textures, yet that's clearly a 3D mod, weird... I don't know. But anyways, thanks!
  11. Oh, ok. In that case, is there any other way I could get the main menu? Also I remember somehow within the Dolphin emulator, being able to swap the textures for the RV in the main menu, I'll have to see what it is, maybe that will help? I can probably look around too. Are there any tutorials on how to do this for DiRT 2? I'll probably want to get the tracks, at least. For me, I don't know if you saw this, but I see this: Under Tracks/frontend_winne. I wonder if this could be it? Can't winne mean winnebago, which is a RV manufacturer? I just realized that. I hope that's the case, but I don't know : /. Interesting, the frontend_winne.ini file contains this: TrackDirectory = Tracks/frontend_winne CpuData = frontend_winne.cog GpuData = frontend_winne.gog Collision = frontend_winne.kol ReplayCameraFile = frontend_winne_ReplayCamera.ini AiData = frontend_winne_ai.dat AiRelData = frontend_winne_ai.rel ParticleIni = SFX/Particles.ini LensFlareIni = SFX/LensFlare.ini TSOData = INVALID AddLooseGroups = 0 FogType = Linear FogStart = 5000 FogEnd = 10000 FogStart1 = 5000 FogEnd1 = 10000 FogRed = 0.4 FogGreen = 0.4 FogBlue = 0.4 FogRed1 = 0.6 FogGreen1 = 0.6 FogBlue1 = 0.6 I was wondering what those .kol files are. Looking them up seems to come up with nothing related to, or about, them, at least from what I can tell. Do you know how to open them?
  12. And also, what is the file format for DiRT 2's 3D Models?
  13. And also what do you mean by Codemaster game parameters?
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