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  1. Oh, ok. I'm using the Dolphin Emulator, would it still be possible to do?
  2. Hi, sorry, only just saw this. Preferably, I'm looking for the main menu, I know that isn't a track, but it might be in there, right? I don't think I'm looking for any in particular? If it isn't too much trouble, would all of them be ok? Or maybe, rather, how do you do it? Maybe I can do it, I would feel bad asking you to do all of it. Unless it isn't an issue, in which case, ok, although it still might be nice to know how you would do it.
  3. Hi, sorry I keep asking, but I still don't know: have you been able to check the game files?
  4. Would you mind checking them? Also, do you know what the files for the environments might be called?
  5. Hi, is it possible to get the main menu environment and / or the 3d models of the maps? Also, how do you do this?
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