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Background sources by CROWNED & Khyzyl Saleem

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  1. he told that he's uploading the file, how much until, idk either, all you can do for now is wait up
  2. Pardon by this dumb comment from me, but will it feature the latest RR cars?
  3. Do you have a guide to obtain the RR7 and RR6 assets, as I find some doubts about some more important things, like the CarGet folder or the Age Abeille and Danver Hijack

  4. Look for Comal's comment, have it all, courses, cars, everything up until the August '22 build, as now has some more cars, tracks, have been quite far to know
  5. I understand, is just watching here the racing one but not the normal version is odd
  6. Can I request the GT-R Proto line up the game has? From the 2001 Tokyo Auto Show one to the pre release version
  7. One question, anyone has the ID of the traffic cars of HP, because I'm lookning for the Cayenne, in well the police variant
  8. Do you have the way to obtain the RR6 Kamata Angelus model? is just I feel odd that Crinale gets the attention while the angel don't or how do you got the files? specially for scenes as the CarGet or the Courses ones, wanted to make it hidden, but I guess you disabled DMs to prevent requests like this.

    Anyways keep it up, cheers

  9. This is for the mobile game Drift Spirits, no for Ridge Racer, for that is a while to find a way to extract them, is a funny mess I can spoil that now, but not in desire to attempt
  10. Can I have a guide to rip or someone give me the SCG 007?
  11. The owner of this drive already had it (Keihin7) https://www.mediafire.com/file/sh5rvarw24xhbbw/D1_2021_Tsukuba_36_TMS_Racing_E92_M3.rar/file
  12. the M3 D1GP is already up, also, I don't mind if these cars might be uploaded with their data files, I use those as last resort if doesn't go well along the rest of this new Ridge Racer x DRSP collab
  13. By pure casuallity do you have the yellow HS NSX NA1 ripped too? This one to be more precise: https://www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=262289
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