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  1. Download Wasteland 3D Model by Kitbash3d | DesireFX.COM this one please
  2. Normal ferrari f40 plesae, there is only the LM version
  3. I'm sorry i usually paste the link of the model on the search tab to get more precise results, i guess it didn't work on this one edit: i realised i pasted wrong the link, i'm sorry again
  4. I used search and i didn't found nothing, can i get this one please? Desire FX 3d models | Audi RS6 Avant 2015 3D Model
  5. Can someone convert this into fbx or obj in LOD0 with textures (if it's possible) BMW 850CSi '96 - BMW - GameModels Community
  6. that was fast but very very fast
  7. The hood and the doors are also small when i import from fbx, same happens with the rs6 avant, any idea?
  8. can

    Modified+ Audi RS6 Avant '20

    when importing from fbx the doors and the hood becomes very small, any idea causing this problem? i'm using blender 2.90 btw
  9. https://www.desirefx.com/city-block-3d-model this please? Thanks in advance
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