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  1. Dauer

    Ferrari 308 GTS '71

    @Guki hi, is this car actually in the game? I've checked igcd and it's in neither TC game, tried googling but found nothing besides some broad post-announcement speculation on gtplanet forums.
  2. Not to worry, I DM'd him and hopefully this will get sorted out.
  3. Hi all, Just donated $10 to access some prem models, it went through ok, donation is on paypal dashboard and my statement, but I wasn't given a donor status on the site.
  4. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki personally, the current system of having separate max files for mesh/lod sets like bodywork, rim, mirrors and so on is convenient as is, but if you're merging them, please make sure they're distinguishable by name, eg frontlight_00_LOD1_0_2 or at least grouped under a hierarchy or something, I'm sure max has a way of keeping meshes together somehow. also, if you're going to update everything, can you see to it that mirrors/hoods/doors are where they should be? right now, they're at model origin and some of their submeshes have misaligned pivots. not sure this is the case with all cars, but the 3 I've downloaded from you all have this quirk.
  5. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki me again, I figured out what CF tiles the game uses but do you have any idea what the original UV scale was for carbon fibre parts? cos the mapping itself looks intact, just scaled down by a lot secondly, any clue what those tyres are? there's about 10 of them, same filesize, same geometry. was thinking they could be vanity tyres but you might know better
  6. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki getting to grips with 3ds and I've noticed that only "edit poly" modifier was preserved, and 3ds throws an error about an outdated MassFX something or other, but it doesn't seem to have an impact thus far. I've been wracking my brains trying to find crew's generic CF tile, but I can't see anything with a 45 degree NW->SE pattern, just a handful of checkerboard ones. assetto's F1 GTR carbon comes somewhat close, but no cigar; do you have any ideas? slight offtopic but how did this even happen this is your rip from NFS16 btw and I don't know if this is pebkac on my part or something else has gone wrong
  7. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki after having a further look at the mesh, I'm just gonna say that it's confusing at best, especially smooth vs hard edges. I can see what they tried to do with with thin "layers" of vertices located near one another, particularly where the rear bumper carbon fibre wraps towards the main grilles see how close they are to each other? then you have something similar on the front bumper: and then there's this utter monstrosity... where do I even start. the neighbouring verts theory goes out the window on the canopy/trunk, then there are the silver light mounts above the front splitter, some interior parts, the big indentations where mirrors connect to the long mounts, etc etc, I'm just ranting now, I see what they were getting at with some of the modeling techniques, I just wish they were consistent with them...
  8. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki alright, that's a shame, but I'll see if I can convince my pal to do these edits, then send them over, as I don't have access to 3ds. btw would you recommend welding verts before smoothing? anyway, I had the generic tyre checked out, and there doesn't seem to be a secondary model for each LOD, namely higher sidewall/profile for rear wheels like in your model previews/thumbnails, any idea about that?
  9. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki I absolutely understand, and given your track record, I'm still amazed that you carry on ripping these things now, I've got a couple more questions for TC2 in particular neither me nor the guy I asked about format export have 3ds 2014, so we had some issues with node names vs mesh names, so we settled for basic names like body00_130 etc, as I can figure out lods by polycount. not sure if this is a conversion problem or a feature that only 3dsmax can retain. secondly, there's a major problem with split normals, particularly on UV edges but not limited to it. did you run any of the cars through face weighted normals scripts or did you leave them as they were? this is a very important thing, as fixing those dodgy normals by hand will take a considerable amount of time, and I'm not certain whether it's something to do with 3ds 2019 importing a 2014 version mesh and losing some modifiers in the process. ideally, I would ask you directly to export everything into .obj, possibly for a fee if you'd like, but I'm sure your schedule is packed as it is. thanks for your time
  10. Dauer

    Pagani Zonda F '05

    @Guki sorry to bother you, but neither of the cars come with a tyre model and there are almost 700 .max files with hashes instead of names; do you have any clue which max file would be associated with the zonda? thanks in advance
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