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  1. LAZ_IKA

    3DSimED 3.1i

    For those who can't import models in 3DSimED watch video, linked below and everything will be o.k P.S. pls DMN correct description.
  2. pls someone help me how to group partas like this , in obj file the are so many parts i cant find normal parts .
  3. i tried but i cant download with lowpoly models i havnt problems but when im downloading mercedes chrome laging started with egoista only 2 textures downloaded and stoped wonloading i dont know why if there are programers maybe they will edit script
  4. everyone can download from sketchfab, just you need script from https://github.com/reinitialized/sketchfab-scene-exporter link before installing this script you mast install tampermonkey and you can download. i downloaded low poly models from sketchfab with textures but i cant download this model if someone can download this model pls share. https://sketchfab.com/models/65b243cea21640f898d59f91c908bd16
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