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  1. 1. I already have it TBH, sometimes you're planning to release publicly on your Github. 2. I see, not in my problem. 3. I'll try to export this with DAE or FBX. In my conclusions of exporting with 3DS Max 2012, imported to Blender (expect for .obj): DAE: Still invisible after importing, adjusting viewport display color Alpha 0 to 1 (on materials) Looks like scrambled over materials that looked like pinata. I do not recommend this. FBX: Still visible. Looks fine on matching correct materials in this model I recommend this. and that's all about my conclusions.
  2. So, after converting the models from the game I tried, let's try with 3D model applications that might probably do or not work for .odr/.mesh formats. Zmodeler2: attempting to import .mesh model file, but it freezes. blender: doesn't shown up 3DS Max: don't know to make this thing works for me while showing a model (Proof: It shows after import with OpenIV openFormats I/O, and tested on 3DS Max 2012, it works.) Converting this with 3DS Max 2012 to OBJ, exported this on blender. But I need to figured it out about materials or texture as well. Here's my demonstration of how I did. (PS: this isn't Windows Vista I'm using, but I'm using Windows 10 with some skins and icons.)
  3. I'll try it, if it works. Attempting to export some files with correct filenames.
  4. Where do I need to replace it, and still getting work? The root, or anything? Mine doesn't have any various stuffs on my RPFTool folder like "FilenamesMCLA.txt" file or other.
  5. That's nice, but I was attempting to convert the model or texture files with latest version of RAGE Resource Converter, it get this error during conversion and reading. I have no idea how am I doing to fix.
  6. Hey, nice moves. I know you simply did it so far. I'll try if possible.
  7. Well thanks about it. I'll try the old tool if possible.
  8. My apologize to the bump, but how do I convert these into some obj or dds something that I can't explain what to do. Is it so complicated, or think about the help? If I could try this on blender after convert.
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