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  1. 1. Wrong Topic 2. If the Hummer eV pickup is already commented here in the board, there is only against money 3. Land Rover in the right topic would be available, but not next weekend
  2. https://sharemods.com/c8hhbzg12isf/Renault_Master_Pickup_1997_3D_model.rar.html
  3. I can help with the M1A2 Abrams: https://sharemods.com/e02yh1jj6ey4/M1A2_Abrams_GameReady.rar.html
  4. No, I can not. This file is available for Premium Users only. I have no premium access. I already wrote you here as you come to this model. If you are 4 hours download time too long, you do not really want it.
  5. https://sharemods.com/o0oe8de9yi5f/Dodge_Ram_ProMaster_City_Wagon_SLT_L1_2019_3D_Model.rar.html
  6. Is there a freeuser with 4 hours of patience at desirefx.com
  7. https://sharemods.com/ttqrfsmqyysr/Rimac_C_Two_2020_3D_Model.rar.html
  8. https://sharemods.com/leovuv5hrc0o/Peugeot_508_2019.rar.html https://sharemods.com/t9qd30g60r2c/Suzuki_GSX-R_750_Slingshot.rar.html
  9. Since both models are neither available on ME nor on COM, you have landed here in the wrong thread. Your request fits better here.
  10. Does this have someone on offer? I would be happy to get this. https://www.desirefx.me/h135-airbus-helicopter-3d-model/
  11. https://sharemods.com/z2oi7hpxpjfi/3D_PEOPLE_-_1012_Social_Distancing_Bundle.rar.html Only fbx and max, the bicycle has no textures https://sharemods.com/fdx76fatw3gl/3D_PEOPLE_CROWDS-_ULTIMATE_SPEED_SOLUTION.rar.html on multiple wish https://sharemods.com/r8b4wmh80cnb/Audi_e_____tron_Sportback.rar.html
  12. 1. As a freeuser to get there, of course, takes 2 hours 2. Is there the model here and the mega link still works, it goes fast, of course you have to thread the search. The pigeons are not flown in the mouth alone.
  13. https://sharemods.com/evhjovtxgqkn/Iveco_EuroCargo_Double_Cab_Chassis_Truck_2008.rar.html
  14. @Fate Also twice again requested. Just read in these posts in this category. Let's see what I can do the next days. Have a real life. https://sharemods.com/677g5rnxyes0/Dune_Buggy.zip.html
  15. @Justgettingstuffforrobx All your contributions run through in a row that you are not able to pay attention to only approximately certain rules to find something. Already twice @fairychick instructions have posted as you come to your models. I have already helped you. And now you do not even manage to thank my upload. No idea for what you need the models, but only those who model themselves, scenes and render created, Weis what that makes for work. Since I do that only to my leisure pleasure and relaxation, I am grateful about every model I get for this fun and thank you too !!! I could get some models for my projects, I think people know who I owe this. From this aspect, I decided to share models further. But no matter what you do now, I will ignore you.
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