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  1. Been here since 2013. I still remember me and Damon chatting on FB a few times. All I can say is to be safe. And we'll just be here whenever you need anything. We all hope for the best.
  2. Can anyone upload this? https://desirefx.me/mysterium/ Thanks!
  3. @DARKSIDEOPG Is this topic only limited to cars/vehicle DesireFX? Or any model from them? Thanks.
  4. bro can u please provide it please the kia seltos and sonet

  5. @Guki Thanks bud! I'm just wondering, is the interior from the configurator not in 3d? Are those just images?
  6. This please thanks! https://www.al-futtaimauto.com/toyota/new-cars/lc-pickup/
  7. This please. Thanks https://www.desirefx.me/lego-10220-volkswagen-t1/
  8. Can these be extracted during your free time? Thank you. https://configure.bmw.be/nl_BE/configure/G80/51AY/FLKSW,P0300,S01CB,S01DF,S01MB,S01U0,S0230,S02NK,S02PA,S02T4,S02VB,S02VF,S0302,S0430,S0431,S0459,S048C,S0493,S0494,S04MC,S04NE,S0508,S0534,S0544,S0548,S05AV,S05DA,S05DC,S0610,S0654,S06AE,S06AF,S06AK,S06C4,S06NS,S06P1,S06U3,S0760,S0775,S07CG,S07ME,S07MM,S0851,S0886,S08EK,S08KA,S08R9,S08S3,S08TF,S0ZKS,S0ZLD,S0ZML?expanded=true https://www.audi.nl/nl/web/nl/modellen/a6/rs-6-avant/samenvatting.html
  9. @LSxSEPTIC Thank you! I tried it out actually. And I was so lost
  10. @oqee Hi! Can this be uploaded as obj? Not a blender user here. Thanks!
  11. @DARKSIDEOPG oh, sorry. I searched for LC300 and nothing came up. didn't notice it. my bad.
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