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  1. Thanks in advance, again: https://3dexport.com/3dmodel-hyundai-n-vision-74-409674.htm https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/car/car/hyundai-n-vision-74
  2. Thanks in advance... https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/antonov-an-124
  3. I found a Sketchup model of a 1986 Hyundai Grandeur which is much cheaper than the Hum3D version (roughly USD$21) : https://storystore.co.kr/54/?idx=297 The catch is, the web site selling it is only in Korean, and despite the aid of Google Translate, it only accepts credit cards issued by a Korean bank - ie no Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Seems to be an issue with a lot of Korean e-tailers.
  4. Does Mega have some kind of "use it or lose it" policy?
  5. "Oops! This file is available for Premium Users only" Thanks in advance. https://www.desirefx.com/ar-15-slr-3d-model
  6. Thanks in advance... https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/canon-zoom-lens-ef-75-300mm-14-56 Edit: I just found a similar model at another site.
  7. There's already a similar model in the Hum3D collection, most likely in FBX & OBJ.
  8. Out of curiosity, are online configurators only for the newest cars, or are there some for old-school models?
  9. I've requested all the available 3DCB car models I'm after for the time being, so I'm just after some buildings right now, thanks in advance: https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/logistic-company-complex https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/manufacture https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/oil-fraking-island-rig
  10. Yep, any model after 2019 is pretty much luck of the draw.
  11. I just noticed that Hum3D uses Pano2VR for interior views, which I suspect is just a series of 2D images stitched together, rather than a proper 3D polygon view: https://hum3d.com/3d-models/maserati-shamal-with-hq-interior-1990/#view-interior
  12. Is this the same as the Forza Horizon/Motorsport model? https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/toyota-supra-1992
  13. I can confirm via the fixed search function that these haven't been previously requested.
  14. It requires a Prism account, so that would need some deep pockets.
  15. I've downloaded the global shared archive, any idea which tyres/tires go on which vehicles? In particular the Ferrari 308 which I've been converting to OBJ/FBX.
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