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  1. Hey guys im looking to make car models 3d printable. Is their a tutorial for a start to finish to do this? i have googled youtubed everything but i cant seem to work it out. Any help would be appreciated. i dont expect it to be an easy process just need some guidance. thankyou
  2. PRINT3D

    FM7 path

    thankyou so much
  3. PRINT3D

    FM7 path

    Hi guys just looking for the proper file path for FM7. Thankyou in advance
  4. MrArgon39 Thankyou for the reply. I didnt know their was one. Please educate me haha.
  5. Hi Guys, Im completely new to this software and im having a hard time importing the models. Everytime I try to open the .carbin file nothing shows up in the software. please see attached photo Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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