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  1. Is there any sort of video tutorials for how to use these because I just can't figure it out properly
  2. Honestly completely forgot that I posted here since I had taken a break from this. But just came back. So for example with the BMW M8 GTE files, it includes various 3D objects such as "Exterior, Interior and also wheels" But when I import them, the wheels aren't circular, they are shaped like flintstones wheels. Everything comes in pieces. The point of me importing models is so that I can the export it to a 3D model to import into TwinMotion for a project I have worked on here and there. Thanks for help See how the wheels are jagged
  3. So while trying to import the models such as the new Cadillac DPi model into say 3ds max, I notice it comes in pieces and even the tires look very weird. Would someone be able to explain how I can properly have the model in 3ds max as the picture shows in the download instead of it looking like a broken down model. Thank you in advance! Love the site
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