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  1. https://discord.com/channels/762307497771925514/778615057072128000
  2. https://www.udrop.com/5fOE/356_rsr.fbx again 356 rsr 60 fbx format import in mm ito 3dsmax
  3. what you want ? you share an link to an3d model you want ? download it..
  4. that is the version for horizon 4 format.. maybe an other version work also if you searching older cars you can aslo have alook at assetto corsa mods only loaed the kn5 file in 3dsimed and export as fbx https://assettoland.wixsite.com/assettoland/cars
  5. try it for your self only use 3dsimed_a export the files into fbx and imort in 3dsmax easy
  6. https://www.instagram.com/carbon_monocoque/
  7. https://www.udrop.com/file/5fkr/356_rsr.fbx
  8. please can you share the Porsche 911 Turbo 964 Blackbird Kitami Tune again
  9. some parts are to lowpoly i think.. forza cars have many body parts doubled you have to look exactly and choose the right one.. see the front and rear light glass its to lowpoly also the front fender in my opinion. that is lod0 highpoly here i replace the fender roof and lights you see the hood and dorrs are also lowpoly and i dont know how the rim gets flat, if i export in 3dsimeda and import in 3dsmax the rim looks not flat..
  10. the 356 lost some lod0 parts the front/rear fender/bumper and front/rear lights has no good quality. but thanks anyway.
  11. why are the rims so small and flat. but thank you
  12. https://hum3d.com/3d-models/porsche-singer-all-terrain-competition-study-2021/?fbclid=IwAR13rxeGpd16UAsMXbVPmxdG6E2xcjhZNBKnT_E23p5Xo-5X6cLndB_AMVo
  13. Superdan

    Rotiform LHR

    awesome rim thank you so mutch
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