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  1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vVQWTq0z_cJWep1gOjwNIkpe3BJZvDuE?usp=sharing thats everything that is usable for conversion into any other game/sim3d software, you have to do the work of importing and exporting but this is all the files that I got out of the game itself, so this is meshes, textures,tracks,cars,all that
  2. I was able to extract everything actually using the AssetStudio from here, I was using a different version that did not have a GUI and it was the part that was confusing me. I will be more then happy to post all of the cars and tracks, if anyone wants them. The game has nothing in terms of hinderance of anyone pulling anything out of it. The whole game is 8gb, and I was able to extract the whole thing back into Unity. You are fast, I thought it was UE at first that was messing me up as well. Thank you for your response. That is why I love this place everyone is so happy to help and exchange information. I am currently trying to put all of the meshes back together because of the way it is exported, there is no complete model yet. But I will upload the 3 cars that are in the game as soon as I am done in 3ds Max.
  3. I have been trying to export the Tracks and the Car Models from this new released game. If anyone has any suggestions or maybe if someone else that is smarter then me and can do it with out it being to much to ask for can someone help me out please? I appreciate even just looking at the game files and telling me what to do, besides telling me to go learn how to do it myself, which i am already trying to do. I I figured I would ask on this site because the members of this site are literally the best game extractors I have personally found anywhere. Thank you for your time and anykind of help. If you happen to be someone that has the time and the power to just extract the cars and tracks and upload them then that is way more then I could possibly ask for, but if it happens then thank you thank you thank you, I am trying to bring some dirt track radcing into Assetto Corsa and rfactor 2 and would like to use this title as the base for what I am doing, I dont know if I should of said that, and I know it isnt probably the most legal thing to do. But if I own both games then I should be able to do what I want with both games, and I have paid for all of the content on all of these games thru steam so please dont tell me how this makes me a bad person or somehting because I have literally paid hundreds of dollars for just the games and their DLC as well. Thank you again for any help and if this has already been asked for then I apologize because I didnt see anything about this title posted. If you havent purchased the game a quick search on the web will get you a link of where to download it for free to try it out, or to see if it is worth your buying of it. Personally I wouldn't suggest to buy it for anyone that doesnt like arcade racing, but it is fun in my opinion. Thanks everyone for all you have posted (on this site in general) this has been one of my favorite websites to learn new information about making game assets and modding. I literally learned how to use 3ds max because of this website. So thank you to everyone who has contributed and who has made this site possible ! Sorry for this being so long, i apologize - Chris
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