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  1. https://mega.nz/file/6gNA2ZAD#wE-I3iKim2dZX2fn-HfHkfbuf8JRHHsIMdgJZ0rIaaI

    something a little ancient. sadly i couldnt find older. 
    2014 Impreza sedan, and 2014 5-door golf, are both present, not sure if others present were discontinued or not, but CLA45 sedan is NOT here. 

  2. Im aware older sources are hard to find, i will see what i can do ;)
  3. Requesting 2x older files please Mk7 golf (5-Door only) Mercedes CLA45 SEDAN
  4. Hi man, I'm aware there once was a 5-door VW Golf in CSR2. Is it possible we could have this soon? 

  5. Hello huge respect for finally get into it, i coud not.. can i ask, are glass/lense meshes present too?
  6. GReddy Fugu Z (DETAILED)Audi Vision Gran Turismo (DETAILED)Mazda RX VISION GT3 (DETAILED) TRD Toyota Tundra(DETAILED) Redbull x2019 competition(DETAILED)
  7. yea posted to wrong thread, sorry - i know of the desireFX model, thanks The desirefx model, is not a Tundra, but a Tacoma TRD. fully detailed.
  8. Who is uploading GTsport files?> i know files before v1.43- can be accessed.. can i request the following GReddy Fugu Z (DETAILED) Audi Vision Gran Turismo (DETAILED) Mazda RX VISION GT3 (DETAILED) TRD Toyota Tundra(DETAILED) Redbull x2019 competition(DETAILED)
    Perfect. Waited a long time for it to come back to Forza, glad it finally did.
  9. that E36 sedan was GTA SA based, so far i know, itll be the only game ready model youll find.... but if you fancy a challenge... try this >> https://docviewer.yandex.ru/view/0/?*=avbGgpdJOOtuRhHnWuNNRhT9e097InVybCI6InlhLWRpc2stcHVibGljOi8vc1FXYWJjS2djUlFjV2toaTdwSjc4V2pCZDhzZHdHUStCSmZUNWdSRmFLVXhROTZNQnJobHduY0xQT2c2TmVRcHEvSjZicG1SeU9Kb25UM1ZvWG5EYWc9PTovQ2Fycy9CTVcvQk1XXzMtc2VyaWVzX0UzNl9zZWRhbl8xOTkwLnppcCIsInRpdGxlIjoiQk1XXzMtc2VyaWVzX0UzNl9zZWRhbl8xOTkwLnppcCIsIm5vaWZyYW1lIjpmYWxzZSwidWlkIjoiMCIsInRzIjoxNTkwOTM0NzY1MTQxLCJ5dSI6IjE0NTE3OTkyNzE1NzYyNjgyMDIifQ%3D%3D
  10. alternate is to borrow nfs shift parts with edits if you want low poly, or maybe look to mobile games?
  11. can anyone help with sourcing a model for me? Looking for the 1999 Subaru Impreza WRX Type R (possibly type RA) in PREMIUM DETAIL This is NOT, the wide body 22B, interior is also different from 22B. a very rare JDM car, not found in other games in coupe form. My last result, was not so good, so looking for help getting the correct file once again. >>>>> vid of my last build
  12. you need to download both the stock cosworth and Hoonigan models...
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