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  1. @.CSB Hi, can you please do a modified version of the Honda Civic? Thank you!
  2. I hope you're not end this thing. I really love these modified versions, that's the reason why I bought premium last week.
  3. Hello! .CSB can you do a modified version for this car? Thank you
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/7uik3ufijgdxpv0/cars.rar/file
  5. Hi. Can you please upload a modified version of Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC 1994?
  6. oh didn't know, I thought on that website needs premium account to download anything, thanks for mention it.
  7. Sorry, I made a mistake with Mercedes beacuse it's a Hum3D one. Atleast can I get the driver model, please?
  8. Hi, I would like to get these https://www.desirefx.me/mercedes-benz-e-class-coupe-1993-3d-model/ https://www.desirefx.me/3d-scan-store-racing-driver-seated-pose/
  9. Hi, I would like to get these https://www.desirefx.me/gumroad-hdri-street-bundle-01/ https://www.desirefx.me/50-high-quality-studio-hdri-pack/ Thank you
  10. Hello, I would get this https://www.desirefx.me/50-hdris-movie-maker-iray-metropolis-overcast/ Thank you!
  11. Hello, I want these https://www.desirefx.me/hdri-hub-hdr-pack-005/ https://www.desirefx.me/hdri-hub-hdr-pack-010/ https://www.desirefx.me/highly-detailed-racing-circuit/ Many thanks!
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