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  1. Thanks. I found that site months ago. You have motivated me to start modding buddy. Thank you. I appreciate your help. I'm subbed to your channel and overall...i feel great
  2. Thank you. All the modding people have not touched flatout 1 since 2005. I doubt that i can find any. My best option right now is most likely to mess around with the game files and hope i can find a breakthrough or learn a bit or two about the game and how it works. I own Flatout 1 and tried to install mods for it but it did not work out for me. Maybe the game is too old..maybe not but for now..no one even mentions Flatout 1 anymore they talk about "Forza" and "Gran Turismo" i hope i can find out stuff. Looks like i'll have to do my research. Thank you for helping me i will use your tips and hopefully learn a thing or two.
  3. Thanks..how could i learn..do you have a gmail and what is your YOUTUBE channel? And i would like to convert a 2012?? Smart fortwo. I mean. Thanks for responding, my email is thomaspryor98xp@gmail.com If you want to contact me further please use my email (Thomaspryor98xp@gmail.com). I would love to learn more so that i can put these cars in flatout once again. Umm, one more question...what about the car sounds? I want to learn. Forza motorsport 4 is the game as well with Gran Turismo PsP. And Gran Tursimo 6. And etc. How would you make the models fit the graphics? And yes i am trying to model Flatout 1.
  4. Hello! I have an interesting yet hard to talk about topic. I was browsing through this website. And then ... i got an idea! I'm really know about 10% of what i'm doing. For the old game "Flatout 1" 1. How to I'm asking the same thing. I like it and I like it. Is this possible..or will it remain a dream for now? Idk I just wanted to know if it was common or something. I didn’t want a model from Forza Motorsport 4 .. but how ?? "Fit" with the game graphics? And one thing that i ' It is a matter of fact. Give me guidance. Thank you..hopefully i didn’t waste your time. sorry if your translator is not working..im having issues as well with this.
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