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  1. HI. Possible to have this 3 cars in fbx please ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone have please ? https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-airwolf-weapons-helcopter/894774 Thanks
  3. Hi. Anyone have a 3d models of Dirt 5 please ? Specially the Clio Maxi please. In fbx or obj Thanks in advance
  4. Hello. Anyone have the Civic Type R 2007 of Squir model please ? Only this version Thanks in advance
  5. Hi. Anyone have the Civic Type R 2007 please ? https://forza.fandom.com/wiki/Honda_Civic_Type-R_(2007) Thanks in advance
    The HQ Folder and Race are in low poly. Not Hight Qality
  6. The HQ Folder and Race are in low poly. Not Hight Qality
  7. Hi Anyone have the M3 E90 Sedan in fbx or obj please ? Squir model I think
  8. HI. Anyone have the Lancer Evo 6 Gr.A, Legacy RS Gr.A and Ascona 400 in fbx or obj please ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Big problem with liveries on this car. Possible to fix that please ?
  10. Hi. Anyone can covert this model in fbx please ? Thanks
  11. Hi. I'm looking for these model if anyone have in fbx please https://squir.com/audi-r8-gt-spyder-2011-3d-model.html https://squir.com/audi-r8-gt-2011-3d-model.html https://squir.com/audi-r8-spyder-3d-model.html https://squir.com/audi-r8-2009.html Thanks in advance
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