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  1. just go to regscanner and then search for 3DSIM then click search, once done it will look like this, after that left click on first one and press f8 on the keyboard it will open Registry editor and then search for SimGarage folder and completely delete the whole folder, then you need Trash reg app to delete all registries AFTER ALL THAT OPEN 3DSIM AND IT SHOULD WORK AGAIN.
  2. you mean i use jcpsp? ok i give it a try.
  3. Hello, every time i rip models fron gt psp using ninja ripper but when i import the model it will display like this can somebody help me?
  4. AAM

    BMW M3 E46 GTR '05

    i dont know........but tell me more details on your problem.
  5. can you put the textures inside the archive?
  6. AAM

    Ferrari 488 Pista '19

    fix the steering wheel.
  7. AAM

    Audi R8 V10 plus '16

    Can you please put textures and materials inside? Because I can't download textures pack ( its large size )
  8. AAM

    BMW Z4 M40i [G29] '19

  9. AAM

    BMW M3 E46 GTR '05

    Anything to convert Swatch in textures???? Or we need to download the textures pack
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