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  1. This website comes out with the recent announcement of the Huracan Sto, it has a nice 3d model with interior https://www.lamborghini.com/en-en/3d
  2. @Apex That's amazing, take whatever time you need bro. I hope Ford does the same with the Bronco
  3. Will it be possible to extract the 3d model from this virtual reality viewer? I already checked the animation of the site and it is simply a video https://f150inyourdriveway.com/registration
  4. I thought that the configurator was still under development, it seemed strange to me that it only allowed changing wheels and tires
  5. It is a very useful tool! Will it be possible to obtain the 3d model of this tires? I tried to open the file with babylon but i didn't succeed either
  6. It worked perfectly, thanks bro!! As a curious fact I discovered that Lexani has a version of the Iknowauto Vehicle Builder only limited to its line of wheels
  7. Testing the page I could realize that the variety of wheels can vary between vehicles, it may be for that reason that perhaps the offroad wheels were not included for example In the same way, thank you very much for that tool @Apex
  8. I wouldn't know what to do in that case, the first video worked for me
  9. I think this could work better for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWNAp7mpFdc it's in english. Yes bro, in vehicles and tracks they load the textures correctly and can be exported
  10. Following the same process you can extract the aftermarket wheels! I tried to do the same for the tires but no luck, the .GLB file can be extracted directly but it seems to have some additional compression which is beyond my knowledge Huge thanks for sharing the extraction method! Cheers
  11. http://www.mediafire.com/file/blcvfi7z4r69dgt/C0MCD1RT2_KONRAD.iso/file Ps: After downloading it you will need an application called Daemon Tools
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