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  1. 3Dsimmed can't be uninstalled only deleted which i tried a bit of few times with both older and newer 3dsimmeds and nothing worked out. For the reg scanner mentioned in a another forum by CSB. i deleted all of the registries which mentioned the 3DSimmed name but CSB said after the scanning to delete all keys starting with "HKCU\Software\SimGarage\3DSimED3", which i have no clue to delete everything after that? I''m a bit scared with Windows registry files. Edit fixed the issue it seems file explorer was causing the issue not wanting to load up when i clicked on import had to restart it.
  2. Whenever i load up 3dsimmed it loads up fine ( mostly 3dsimedn and older 3dsimmed in general) but whenever i wanted to click on import or the file button on top left it always freezes then crashes i have no clue what's going on here this happened when i deleted the trash reg for the last time both on normal and 64 bit. For the later versions of 3dsimed i get a trash reg error thingy which won't even let me access the program. I'm running windows 10 pro if this has any issues that is causing it?
  3. Not sure if this was asked before but how do you put textures on these cars? Since i can't seem to place them properly in KSeditor is something needed to be done before placing the textures? I need to do this mostly for gauges and some other interior materials. Edit: Figured it out.
  4. More of an offtopic question for CSR 2 3D models. Wanted to ask how do you get the gauges textures to work? since in the download previews they look normal in 3DS MAX they are all blacked out. Need to get the gauges to work in KSeditor.
  5. This Ferrari Mythos is interesting. https://www.3dcadbrowser.com/3d-model/ferrari-mythos-concept
  6. Countach 25TH anniversary would be nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR5tPv0WseI
  7. A little request could you update the Fenyr supersport? all i need are the Gauges and if the wing could be rigged .
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