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  1. Thank you for the previous file, a new post has popped up for something I've hunted for ages but every other source for it has been an absolute nightmare so would you be able to grab this for me, thank you in advance as i assume this is gonna be big https://www.desirefx.me/night-club/
  2. Hey this entire post has been super useful thank you so much for the hard work, Im really really hoping after multi searches that this hasn't been requested but its pretty new so it shouldn't have been and I have search multiple keywords *EDIT* Forgot to add please * Please can you grab this please https://www.desirefx.me/lotus-evija-2020-3d-model/ Thank you in advance and potentially sorry in advance
  3. Yes and no, you need to find an older version of frostytools that has the ability to access the game but I guess you could also use any of the 3d model rippers theoretically
  4. *edit* if you extract via scene hierarchy it extracts all the necessary things you need but im still testing everything out * I'll post here a very quick and short guide but I can post in tutorials as well but im not an expert just winging it mostly. First you'll need to get the game from somewhere like apkpure Then you need to get the application called formatter from xda Lastly you'll need to get asset studio which was posted above 1} once formatter is installed you'll want to open it and choose file {locate the apk/xapk then set a format by typing either .rar or .zip and then name it then press rename. 2}locate that file usually where the original file was, extract to a folder, inside should be an apk and a few folders you'll want to locate the obb's and then do the same as step 1 with both, this will break that down to the Asset folder so extract them somewhere. 3}Open Asset studio then goto file-load folder and then find the start of the asset folder, this will take awhile to load but once its done you can then goto asset list and filter and chose what you need/want and all you have to do is right click and extract where you want it. Very basic guide and I can't help too much after that process as it will depend what you using it for and what software your going to use but hopefully that helps. If I missed anything @.CSB would more than likely know more and might be able to help as they are the one that puts out the files so can try and ask them.
  5. Hey @Reazul Im going through the process I think I know what Im doing, if you don't know how let me know and I can give you a very quick guide
  6. Hey thank you so much for the work that you do, the models are incredibly easy to work with, if I can ask for some more of the locations that would be great either the city night one or the la sewage one that would be awesome thank you
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