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  1. They do however still work He's on about the bump
  2. Please use the search man, just after someone else didn't search, come on its not hard
  3. https://mega.nz/file/RAElhArJ#pbQ65YND4FJ4SJVve2PL2rEJy7mNUQMXgXiQ5CoBb0s
  4. https://www.desirefx.me/nissan-300zx-z32-1989-3d-model/ https://mega.nz/file/cVsE0L7T#oXQp8MVuhX9wZCzpfuEzOlpY5RfICBeyyM_KOqNxlGU
  5. Rolls Royce https://mega.nz/file/EIkEhDAA#lccbou19uBat1Njz19k1UmCh0mwklTKO-a7z1UOOI5Y
  6. https://www.desirefx.me/ds-e-tense-2016-3d-model/ https://mega.nz/file/NAkyEYCR#aMbmV6HkyZdQKGLGHVZxdVSd1iKtk99dcnGnUW10jSA https://www.desirefx.me/plymouth-road-runner-1970-3d-model/ https://mega.nz/file/UNk2zIxC#Dyc-xNpTjbkxb548l_6LUHDc16uIQmxwvuppEjt8o4M https://www.desirefx.me/bugatti-centodieci-2020-3d-model/ https://mega.nz/file/4VlG3CID#XAoLBWGDgE_9Tu9m-6imQkkOvAQsvJ9sFeBsAejQPlY
  7. Hey if its possible does anyone have this or can get this it would be amazing, thank you in advance https://www.desirefx.me/captain-america-3d-print-model/
  8. If anyone is interested in this: https://www.desirefx.me/videohive-the-streamer-everything-for-web-twitch-youtube-live-29436832/ I have uploaded here: https://mega.nz/file/REF3BQDR#Dy60VHKEVV59aVI1x7_2KMU8fZqzQDbdynrTeKcH_pY
  9. Dong a very quick search these have already been linked and they all still work
  10. Hey this might be too big and recent but it would be awesome if you could grab this, thanks and sorry in advance https://www.desirefx.me/hard-surface-kitbash-vol-6/
  11. Well they are already tagged in this so they might reply at some point
  12. You'd have to ask @DMN or @Apex they are the people who do gt sport stuff
  13. I'm not sure I can for certain reasons but you can rip it yourself from your own disc or would have to search for it in other parts of the Internet
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