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  1. Please can you upload the Mercedes SLS GT3 ? I need this car to finish my gt3 mod fort GTR 2. Thank you.
  2. Thank. I know a guy who will be happy soon ! Just upload some screenschots from GTR2 : http://gamemodels.ru/gallery/album/40-gtr2/
  3. Thank you too. Nice Ferrari ! The models from RR3 fit perfectly to GTR2. Just finished the last Porsche. Perhaps I will post screenchot from the game here.
  4. Hello, Can you ripped the Audi TT-RS from Real Racing 3 please ? A friend of mine have this car and I want to make one for GTR2, becaus he want to tune his car, but he want to see the result before doing it for real. Thank you.
  5. My favorite car in real life.
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