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  1. https://configuration-3d-web.dsmp.voyah.com.cn/df/?sourceType=webpc&utm_source=11&utm_campaign=1103001&utm_medium=1103&utm_content=3DView_pc_website Voyah Free SUV Configurator
  2. It is an RBX file, so there are tools to convert https://gamemodels.ru/topic/1755-various-configurators-models-requests/?do=findComment&comment=17293
  3. https://mall.dffengguang.com.cn/m/digital/ix5.html https://mall.dffengguang.com.cn/m/digital/ix7.html https://mall.dffengguang.com.cn/m/digital/500.html https://mall.dffengguang.com.cn/m/digital/580.html https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn/dfm7/ https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn/dft5l/ https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn/dft5/ https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn/dfxs5g/ https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn/dfm5/ Hi can anyone extract ?
  4. Can fix the Kia K8 wrong mesh? https://fx360.dflzm.com.cn Dongfeng fengxing 360 experience Thanks
  5. Can rip Honda Forza? Please! All models of Lnyk&Co have 3D experience, except 01、05PHEV https://www.lynkco.com.cn
  6. https://m.apkpure.com/honda-motorcycles-europe/com.hondaeu.africatwin It possible to get the 3D models?
  7. I re-find the APK can download and UX AR APk, Thank you very much for your work https://apkpure.com/lf-z-ar/com.lexus.LFZ https://m.apkpure.com/lexus-ux-in-ar/com.lexuseurope.uxar
  8. https://apkpure.com/infiniti-driver’s-seat-vr/com.infiniti.driverseat Can rip Infiniti QX30 Concept ? Thank you https://m.apkpure.com/lf-z-ar/com.lexus.LFZ Lexus new LF-Z concept AR App
  9. @Guki https://mega.nz/file/JpJBgYpL#r-e3rfdlYMHEWbSW5dQxv2K-3_VedrcL_UBDtKThc40
  10. @Nugroho Ardiansyah Yes ,3D files are indeed used . I used the Ninja Ripper to rip and get bad model , all everything turned into a square
  11. I tried use Brave and Ninja Ripper pairing can to rip the 3d model I just only to rip 3d model , so need to edit the position of the object , and no texture Hongqi 3d model (E-HS9,H9,H5,HS7,HS5) https://mega.nz/file/9kpSxbzS#ngpVrbxndu3ODBPBUUQHsvgk4qVw-OXjtA8GRDaYSmw Cadillac 3d model (XT6sport , XT6 , XT5sport , XT5 , XT4, XT4sport , CT5 ) https://mega.nz/file/l05iSJ6I#iE8-OD2ircROoH1xNz9Vr-RCxLkshX9qjt3G6Nqg8jk Chevrolet 3d model (Malibu , Captiva ) https://mega.nz/file/tpwkkZpS#mCvCfMtLiJCnRBiVDVaX_YYGM-Gm847mx020YofYJW4
  12. https://hongqi.faw.cn/src/360car/#/ Hongqi 360 experience
  13. https://m.buick.com.cn/new_gl8_avenir/ Hello! This 3D model is only on the mobile website . It's possible to get this 3d model?
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