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  1. hey @.CSB look there is a seatbelt problem in dodge challenger rt can you fix it plz
  2. I have idea and also hey @.CSB can you add Bugatti Chiron 17’ and Ferrari LaFerrari 13’ in modified version? thanks.
  3. hey, @.CSB can you make Hennessey Exorcist modified version please? thanks.
  4. can you do make Porsche 918 spyder in modified version please? thanks.
  5. hey @.CSB can I request for the https://csrracing.fandom.com/wiki/Lamborghini_Huracán_Performante thanks
  6. hey, @.CSB can you make the Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary '18 in modified version? thanks and also don’t forget to make koenigsegg regera “csr Edition” too
  7. @.CSB hey can you make Acura NSX 18’ modified version? thanks and also don’t forget to bugatti chiron 17’ in modified version too
  8. @.CSB hey, can you update Ford gt 18’ to modified version? thanks
  9. Hey, can you add modified version Ford GT 18’ please
  10. um i cant download it, it says virus detected, what did i do?
  11. It says: ascii fbx files are not supported can you help me to fix it on blender because I can’t import Audi TT rs fbx file
  12. there is no wheel texture, i cant find it wheel texture, can you help me?
  13. i said try using FH4 / media / cars on Local Disk C :
  14. well, try making FH4/media/cars
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