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  1. Hey Guki, I think I got it now and can see a lot of those textures in PNG. Man you really helped me a lot! I am very very thankful that you've helped me! Thank you Guki!
  2. Hi Guki, But from where do I know, where all the "texture-files" are? Example: I download the Ford GT GTE Le Mans Car of Forza 7. In this folder, there I can only find a few "swatchbins" to convert with your programme. I also have of course the additional Forza7 Texture and Shared Folder but where can I find for e.g. the Ford GT Car Livery Texture or the Ford GT Badge Textures? I hope you understand my question.
  3. Hi DMN, I tried other programs aswell as Importer Plugins for Photoshop, 3dsmax aswell as *.dds viewer and the only *.dds files I can open are the xxxxx_nrml.dds maps. I cant open any xxxxx_diff(use).dds maps Any ideas?
  4. Hello Guys, I have a problem with selecting or importing or editing materials of Forza Horizon 4 Cars. I followed the instructions with the folder path and everything works fine with importing the model in 3DSimEd aswell as into 3dsmax. But I have some serious problems with selecting or opening the *.dds files which are exported from 3dsimed. I attach a picture of what Problem I get. I cant open them via 3dsimed, aswell as Photoshop aswell as 3dsmax. It would be cool if you can give me advice, why I have this problem.
  5. Thank you for your answer DARKSIDEOPG I will contact him:)
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