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  1. FIXED. Just reinstall the windows and install that DirectX files that you sent me.
  2. This is my SSD and i installed the windows like normal with a USB Stick i used this windows in the past so no problems at all. I don't know what is wrong.
  3. @Mike Oxmaul Thanks but still pop up the error, here is my PC specs
  4. Guys help me 1 week i can't open 3DSimED please help me.
  5. @srcarvalho Thanks for the answer but this doesn't work either
  6. Thank you but without success. Still pop this error and can't open the 3DSimED
  7. Thank you but i already installed this, but still same error.
  8. Hi, i have that problem. I buy SSD put it on the computer reinstall Windows. Everything is fine but when i try to open 3dSimED this error pop ups. I spend some time in the internet but i found nothing. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
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